Since the beginning of this year, a arboretum has been working closely with casino operators to ensure that the end result looks exactly like the plan.

Experts have made it clear that there are trees that need to be removed after the storm in December 2019. Some of the trees to be removed soon are Scottish pine and weeping willow, as well as several Lombardy poplar trees. They are located on the western property line.

Gateway Casino Still Assessing Ontario’s Situation
Initially, the casino operator planned to keep the trees in the development plan, but it will have to be removed after reevaluation. The expert assessment came to the conclusion that these trees could pose a threat to those who frequently visit casino complexes in the future, and the arborist who manages them stated that there was first structural root corrosion and some were in poor condition.

CA$70M Cascade Casino Delta Announces New Launch Date
However, the action plan involves planting 225 new trees in a 5:1 ratio to replace the removed trees. As a result of this recent decision, the total number of trees that will grow in the casino complex totaled 507. The new tree will be a breath of fresh air in the area while eliminating threats to people.

225 new trees to be planted
BC Plant Healthcare Inc. also had the challenge of looking at the topic and providing an alternative view of the topic. As a result, it was recommended that an additional 21 trees should also be removed. For the time being, however, Gateway Casino did not agree to remove the tree.

Some objections were raised at the recent Delta Council meeting. Genie Canakos County said the removal of the trees was an unexpected part of the construction of the casino complex. She pointed out that some of the pictures she saw during the construction looked like a building where Trench was deliberately trying to hurt the tree in question. She even expressed doubts about the validity of the report.

BC Department Greenlight On Cascade Casino Delta, Construction Begins Soon
The Casino Project received approval for the site in the fall of 2018. Since then, the $70 million game project has paved the way for a balanced casino complex to open. Earlier this year, Gateway Casino & Entertainment made it clear that the casino complex will be completed by the end of 2021.


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