The Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers women’s professional volleyball team has lost 14 straight matches. Despite being in their third year of existence, they are still at the bottom of the league, unable to rebound and close to tying the team’s record for the longest losing streak (17).

Pepper Savings Bank suffered its 14th consecutive defeat on March 7 against the Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju with a set score of 1-3. In the match, the team took the first set and led 22-14 in the second set before being overtaken by the opposing ace Kim Yeon-kyung’s serve. In the end, the team failed to achieve its third win of the season and remained at the bottom of the league (7-2-19). 메이저 토토사이트 The gap between them and sixth-place Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass (19 points, 6 wins, 15 losses) is also widening.

The reason for the losing streak is poor reception. Pepper Savings Bank has a team reception efficiency of 28.56% this season, the only team in the seven-team competition to fail to break 30%. The team has a proven attacker in Yasmin Bedartgani, but the faltering reception is forcing the setter’s tosses to be formulaic. Park Jung-ah, a top V-League attacker, is also not showing her full potential in the offense.

Commentator Jang Ji-yeon said, “Volleyball is a game of serve and receive, but it’s hard to play the game when you can’t receive. If you can’t receive, the connection must be smooth, but even this is inconsistent, so even the offense is shaky.”

Pepper Savings Bank suffered 17 consecutive losses in the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons. The team is desperate to end the losing streak and will meet their “nemesis,” Jeonggwanjang Reds Parks, on Nov. 11. The team hasn’t won a single game since its inception. Jung Kwan-jang has recently won two straight games thanks to the trio of Lee So-young, Megawatti Puttiwi, and Giovanna Milana (real name Gia).

Commentator Jang Ji-yeon said, “We need a solid player to support Yasmin and Lee Han-bi’s spike serve, which they showed in the last match against Heungkuk Life. We need to revitalize our offense and serve.”

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