“Let’s count. Which team has the most dragon ties (laughs)?”

In the V-League Women’s Division, the team with the most dragon players is Heungkuk Life. From Kim Yeon-kyung, born in 1988, to Lee Ju-ah, born in 2000, to Park Eun-seo and Kim Da-eun, born in 2001 but with an early January birthday, they have four. Other clubs rarely have more than two, but 토토 Heungkuk Life has a particularly high number of dragon players.

The year 2024 is the 41st year of the zodiac, and it is the “Year of the Blue Dragon,” where the blue color ‘gak’ and the word ‘jin,’ which means dragon, meet. That’s why everyone who is a Dragon is expecting good things to happen to them. “I heard that this year is the Year of the Blue Dragon,” says Lee Ju-ah. I will do my best to help Heungkuk Life win the championship and make it a more special year for me as a Dragon.”

2024 will also be a special year for Kim Yeon-kyung, who stayed with Heungkuk Life after the last season only to win the overall title. “I want you to count which team has the most dragon sashes (laughs). We have a lot of people on our team, including Lee Joo-ah, Kim Da-eun-i, Park Eun-seo, and the staff. I’m hoping that this year will bring good energy to our team.”

Kim Yeon-kyung hasn’t slowed down since the new year. In the first two games of the Fourth Round in January, she scored around 20 points in each game and proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Heungkuk Life also won two straight games in the New Year to fuel its chase for the lead. “When people say, ‘It’s the year of the dragon, this is your year,’ it makes me feel good, and for some reason I feel like things are going to work out this year. I think we’ll have good results this season,” Kim laughed.

Kim’s goal for the new year is to win the overall title. Last season, her first chance to win the title after returning from overseas, she was unable to fulfill her wish, falling one win short of the regular season title and the championship. However, since joining the club in the 2005-2006 season, she has reached the championship final in each of her six seasons with Heungkuk Life, with the exception of her time abroad (2009-2020). This is the first record in women’s history for a player who has played at least four seasons. It will be interesting to see if she can extend this record this year and finish as the overall champion.

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