The association’s one-way administration and FA Cup schedule were “consulted,” but they were notified without “agreement,” and even a concert was held in Jeju just before the match…

The association announced the FA Cup semi-final and final schedule at 5:21 p.m. on the 16th. The association decided to hold two semi-finals on November 1, the day of the first round of the finals, after discussing schedules with the four teams that advanced to the semifinals (Jeonbuk Hyundai, Incheon United, Pohang Steelers, and Jeju United). The venue of the game will be held at the home stadiums of Jeonbuk and Jeju as it was originally,’ he said.

There was a ‘consultation’, but no ‘consensus’. Therefore, the four clubs that advanced to the FA Cup semifinals are absurd to confirm the association’s notification ceremony schedule.

The association said it had four clubs submit their desired game dates first to change the schedule, and then held a zoom meeting on the 14th with the heads or representatives of the four clubs to discuss various proposals. At the meeting, the association explained that it also discussed ways to change the opening plan at the end of August, the holding plan during the A match in September, and the first and second rounds of the finals scheduled in November as a third proposal.

In the process, clubs clashed over the plan to host the event at the end of August and the plan to host the A match in September. The association explained, “It was difficult to adopt because there were clubs that had excessive strain on team management and schedules due to the A match and league schedule, or because of the transfer of major players to the national team, it was difficult to participate in the tournament with the best performance.”

In the end, the third proposal was chosen by the association. The association finally confirmed and announced the schedule for the semifinals on November 1 and the single-round final on November 4, where all four major players from the club can play with the best power. In the process, the association asked for the understanding of Hana Bank, the title sponsor.’

However, the confirmation of the association’s schedule was not an agreement with the four clubs. Above all, multiple team officials explain that the agenda of the “one-round match in the final” was not even discussed at a zoom meeting with the team leader and representatives. After the meeting, the association contacted the club and told them that the association was also considering a single-round match in the final, and eventually the association confirmed the schedule of the game and the change of the tournament regulations without agreement. An official from Team A said, “I knew about the confirmation of the game schedule and the change of the tournament regulations from the article. “Since then, the official letter has been sent to the club,” he said.

There was also a controversy over the association’s change of words. The association said in its initial press release, “Another third plan was considered to change the first and second rounds of the finals scheduled for November, which was finally adopted by the agreement of all four clubs.” However, when received a protest call from four clubs, saying, “Who agreed to confirm the game schedule?” the association revised the press release, saying, “We finally confirmed the schedule and informed the club and announced it.” The association’s administrative power, such as “chongeuk,” which was pushed with the “third plan” at a time when it was not even properly agreed with the clubs, has come under fire again. 토토사이트먹튀

The association is likely to be driven into a “amnesty” again. The festival will be held at Seogwipo World Cup in Jeju for three days from October 26 to 28. This event is the 2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa. The department of culture and arts in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, explained that it has been confirmed to set up a special stage in Jeju World Cup Stadium. Given the case of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which suffered grass damage due to the hosting of the K-POP concert at the World Scout Jamboree event, the grass condition of the Jeju World Cup Stadium after the festival is obvious. The semifinals of the FA Cup between Jeju and Pohang will be held four days later, which is a difficult time to restore the damaged grass. In the end, the association did not check the stadium schedule of the home team Jeju, and changed the rules to a single match in the FA Cup final, preventing criticism that it degraded the performance of the Jeju-Pohang match, one of the semifinals of the tournament.

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