SK Telecom (CEO Yoo Young-sang) announced on the 16th that 24 golfers with developmental disabilities participated in the 2nd SK Telecom Adaptive Open 2023 competition held at North Farm CC in Paju and competed enthusiastically.

SK Telecom Adaptive Open 2023 (hereinafter referred to as SKT Adaptive Open) is an event in the form of a dragon, with domestic amateur developmental disabilities competing for qualification for the US Adaptive Open, a dream stage involving adaptive golfers from around the world.

This competition was promoted as part of SKT Sports ESG management, which seeks to improve awareness of developmental disabilities and create a sports ecosystem without prejudice. It was based on the “SK Telecom Charity Open” charity fund in May, involving professional golfers Choi Kyung-ju and Choi Na-yeon, and athletes Lee Dae-ho and Choo Sung-hoon.

Considering the lack of golf competitions for people with developmental disabilities in Korea, SKT was the only competition for golfers with developmental disabilities to hold a regular hole course and provided the individual winner with a chance to participate in international competitions. In addition, top domestic players and golf influencers who sympathize with the purpose of the tournament were invited to provide a differentiated experience for participating players to exercise without boundaries between disability and non-disability.

Top professional golfers such as Kwon Sung-yeol, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Han-byul, Park Eun-shin, Baek Seok-hyun, Lee Bo-mi, Lee Seung-min, and Yoon Chae-young, as well as sports influencers such as Shin Soo-ji, Yoon Seok-min, Jung Myung-hoon, and Shim Seo-joon (Shim Jjang) played as a trio.

The game started with the start of Lee Seung-min and Lee Bo-mi. Lee Seung-min finished second at the 2nd US Adaptive Open in Pinehurst, North Carolina, in July, and was selected as a role model for several players who participated in the SKT Adaptive Open by showing their top skills following the previous year’s championship.

The results of the game were divided into individual and team events. The honor of winning the individual competition was won by Park Do-kwon, who recorded 78 strokes based on stroke play. SKT plans to provide 10 million won, equivalent to the full amount of participation expenses, so that Park Do-kwon can participate in the US Adaptive Open 2024 in the U.S. next year.

Kim Ha-neul, Lee Yang-woo, and Heo Do-kyung won the team competition, which determined the team with the lowest total number of strokes in each team.

▲ SKT continues to develop the stage for the growth of golf players with developmental disabilities, giving off good influence
SKT has made various efforts to help SKT Adaptive Open, which marks its second anniversary this year, grow quantitatively and qualitatively. It increased the number of participants and the size of the budget compared to the previous year, and actively invited golf stars to join the good purpose, giving unforgettable memories to the participating players. 토토사이트넷

In addition, SKT’s startup Coactors’ “Silent M” was provided by transportation to players in need of transportation so that they can experience ESG startup services that utilize ICT technology while conveniently calling and moving vehicles to their residence.

The secretariat of the competition explained that golfers with developmental disabilities can not only strengthen their relationships with their families but also act as more active members of society through opportunities for growth, such as feeling a sense of accomplishment and raising self-esteem.

SKT plans to continue to make efforts to give off a good influence in the domestic golf world through SKT Adaptive Open and to spread the culture in which disabled players can play.

The main contents of SKT Adaptive Open and the fun times spent by participating stars and players will be released later through SKLIKE operated by SKT Sports Marketing.

Kim Hee-seop, vice president of communications at SKT, said, “We plan to create opportunities for future generations who love sports to challenge their dreams without prejudice and restrictions through active sports ESG activities in the future.”

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