Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop, who was called Asia’s cannon, the national hitter.

In his first year as manager, he made history again. Doosan won 5-2 against KIA at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on April 21.

Starting pitcher Raul Alcantara pitched a six-inning, one-run quality start (six or more innings pitched and three or fewer earned runs allowed) to set the stage for the victory, while Jose Rojas and Kyung-min Heo each hit solo home runs to tie the game and drive in the tying run, and Jun-young Park hit a game-winning triple with the bases loaded in the top of the seventh inning.

Doosan, which had won all nine games in July, extended its winning streak to 10 games with the victory in the first game of the second half.

It’s been more than five years and one month since Doosan won 10 straight games under former manager Kim Tae-hyung, from June 6, 2018 against the Heroes to June 16 against the Hanwha Eagles.

With this victory, Lee also became a legend. Only three other Korean managers in KBO history have won 10 straight games in their first year in charge: Chun Bo-sung (LG-1997), Lee Hee-soo (Hanwha-1999), and Lee Kwang-eun (LG-2000).

Lee is the newest addition to that list. With one more win, he will match Jerry Royster’s record for most consecutive wins in a managerial debut season (11), set in his first year at Lotte in 2008.

Lee, who had said before the game that he would “leave it up to the heavens” when asked about the challenge of a 10-game winning streak, seemed unperturbed by the victory.

“Alcantara pitched an ace game, getting out of a bases-loaded jam in the third inning. The bullpen kept the rest of the innings to a minimum and didn’t give the opposition any momentum.”

“In a close game, Rojas’ home run changed the momentum, and the ‘captain’ hit the decisive home run like a ‘captain’ should. Jun-young Park played a big role in our chances again today.”

“In the first game of the second half, when the pressure was low, we were able to continue our winning streak thanks to the support and cheers of our fans.” The Korean hitter focused on the one win rather than the 10-game winning streak. 카지노사이트

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