Head coach Ko Hee-jin had a smile on her face.

The Jungkwanjang Red Sparks, coached by Ko Hee-jin, finished the first round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Division with a 3-0 (27-25, 25-17, 25-16) victory over Pepper Savings Bank in straight sets at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on Friday.

With 11 points (4-2), Jung Kwan-jang moved up to third place, knocking Hyundai E&C (10-3) down to fourth. They tied for second place with GS Caltex (11 points, 4-1), but lost the set score to settle for third place (1.500-2.000).

Jung was supported by Sampo Megawati Puttiwi (nee Mega) and Giovanna Milana (nee Gia), who combined for 43 points with 25 and 18 points, respectively. National middle blocker duo Jung Ho-young and Park Eun-jin also contributed 14 points, including five blocks.

Despite committing 18 errors, six more than Pepper Savings Bank, the team was still able to win the match by dominating in penalty kills. On the day, Jungkwanjang’s attack success rate was 48.59%, while Pepper Savings Bank’s was 33%.

Speaking after the game, coach Ko Hee-jin said, “To be honest, I was worried, but the players played so well. We will check our deficiencies again and try to fight for the second round.”

After taking the first set in a deuce tiebreaker, Coach Ko Hee-jin’s face was always smiling, especially when she was pleased with the play of her main setter, Yeom Hye-sun, who was shaky in the first round and kept giving her thumbs up. “It’s the first time I’ve seen such an expression from the coach,” Yeom Hye-sun laughed after the match.

“I can’t help but have a good expression because the players are doing so well,” Ko said. I have faith that if I show a happy face, the players will be able to do it confidently,” he said.

He continued, “Hye-sun’s performance was more psychological than technical. Today was good. Our coach Lee Sook-ja is working hard. He takes three setters and makes them study a lot, train a lot, and relieve stress. Coach Kim Jung-hwan is a former national apogee player. He gives a lot of know-how to Mega and Jia, and the players are very receptive. Coach Lee Kang-ju is also the main coach and does a great job. I’m happy to have competent coaches. I am grateful to the club.”

Chung Kwan-jang is a force to be reckoned with whenever he faces Pepper Savings Bank. Before the first meeting this season, the team had won 12 of 12 against Pepper 메이저토토사이트 Savings Bank. Today’s win made it 13 out of 13. A 100% win rate. They have also met twice in cup competitions and have never lost.

“It wasn’t an easy game today either, but we managed to turn the tide in our favor by winning the first set. The players played confidently, and I’m grateful to them,” he smiled.

Chung will play their first match of the second round against Hyundai E&C at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on May 9.

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