British media “Give Me Sports” reported on the 28th (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham is focusing on recruiting Trevor Chalova (24, Chelsea), known as Munich’s target.”

Recruiting the center back is considered one of Munich’s homework to solve. Since Bangjamain Pavard left for Inter Milan this summer, it is essential to recruit a replacement to fill the gap.

The prevailing criticism is that there are too few resources for center backs for big clubs. While Dayo Upamecano was injured, Kim Min-jae and Matthijs the Licht are continuing their push.

Calls for the recruitment of the center back are increasing. As Munich aims to win multiple titles in the Bundesliga, Champions League and Cup tournaments, the opinion that it should have at least four center backs is weighed.

Trevor is mentioned as a strong candidate for recruitment. Munich also tried to recruit Trevor in the transfer market this summer. He plans to try again to recruit Trevor in the transfer market in January next year.

Trevor’s chances of going to Munich were high. Trevo signed a priestly relationship with Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea. Tuchel is also the one who made Trevor’s debut in the first team. In addition, he helped Trevor grow by playing in 31 games.

In the midst of this, a disrupter appeared. According to the report, Tottenham manager Enje Postecoglou put Trevor on the candidate list to reinforce the defense’s player base.

Tottenham emerged as a strong favorite this season. After 10 games in the league, he is currently in first place with eight wins and two draws. Now, it plans to expand the options of the defense team and consider even physical arrangements for the championship.

Give Me Sports said, “Chelsea will not stop Trevor from moving. Trevor’s versatility and Premier League experience served as an attraction to Tottenham.”


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