Korean figure skating hopeful Kim Yoo-sung (14, Pyeongchon Middle School) won a valuable silver medal in her debut at the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix.

Kim earned a combined score of 126.88 points, including 69.03 technical elements (TES) and 57.85 artistic elements (PCS), in the women’s single free skate at the first ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix of the 2023-2024 season on Friday in Bangkok, Thailand.

Combined with her short program score of 63.04 from the previous day, Kim’s total score of 189.92 placed her in second place behind Ami Nakai (JPN), who won the event with 190.65 points.

Nakai won a bronze medal at last year’s Junior World Championships. Nakai took first place in the short program with a score of 67.49, but faltered on a few jumps in the free skate, but made up for it in the short program and free skate component scores to retain the top spot.

Kim and Nakai were separated by just 0.73 points.

Kim is the third Korean female figure skater to land a triple axel at an international competition after Yoo Young (19) and her twin sister Kim Yoo Jae (14, Pyeongchonjung).

Kim started the competition to her own freeskating song from this season, “Emergency of the Lark. The first task was a triple axel. With a quick burst of speed across the ice, Kim executed a clean triple axel in the air, spinning three and a half times.

With this skill, he earned a base score of 8 and a performance score (GOE) of 1.26, for a total of 9.26 points. However, on his subsequent triple flip + triple toe loop combination jump, he was cited for a quarter landing (denoted by a Q: a lack of jump rotation at the 90-degree level) on the subsequent jump. 0.91 points were deducted for this skill.

The triple lutz was ruled long-edged (with an E: incorrect skate edge used). The triple axel was unfortunately unable to continue the momentum of its success, but the triple loop, triple loop + double axel sequence, triple flip + double toe loop + double loop combination jump, and triple salchow were executed without mistakes.

The non-jump elements were also flawless. The flying change foot combination spin, flying camel spin, and change foot combination spin all earned the highest possible level 4. Her correo sequence earned her a 1.29 performance score.

Her teammate Han Hee-soo (15, Sunil Girls’ Middle School) scored 118.7 points in the free skate and combined with her short program score of 55.29 points to earn the bronze medal with a total of 173.99 points.

In the short program, Han finished sixth. However, her performance in the free skate earned her a valuable bronze medal.

Earlier in the day, the ice dance rhythmic dance team of Kim Ji-ni (16) and Inamu (16, Korea Ice Hockey Federation) finished third with a personal best score of 56.3 points.

They surpassed their previous best score of 46.37 in the rhythmic dance at the ISU World Junior Championships in March.

Kim Ji-nee and Inamu are part of an “unusual” ice dance 토토사이트 team that includes South Korea’s “ice dance hopefuls” Lim Hae-na (19) and Ye Quan (22, Canada). Initially singles athletes, they were encouraged by their coach to pursue ice dancing.

After competing at the National All-Around Championships in January, they made their first appearance at the World Junior Championships in March, where Kim finished 25th in the rhythmic dance and missed out on the top 20 free dance spots.

She then spent the off-season training in Canada to prepare for the upcoming season. In the first round of the Junior Grand Prix, they executed all elements flawlessly and finished in third place.

Kim Ji-nee-Inamu will be looking for a medal in the free dance on Saturday.

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