[Women’s World Cup] ‘box hit’ Australia to invest 170 billion won in promoting women’s sports

Prime Minister Albanage “Ensuring that all women can choose the sport they want”

Australia, which captured both performance and box office success at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup,

decided to invest more than 170 billion won in women’s sports including women’s soccer.

Prime Minister Albanage

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanage announced in a statement on the 19th

that he would invest 200 million Australian dollars (about 172 billion won) 카지노사이트

in building a national women’s sports infrastructure.

Prime Minister Albernage explained that the money

would be used to build exercise facilities for women and to purchase equipment.

Women’s Sporting Events

She added that she would also fund the free broadcasting of major women’s sporting events, including this World Cup.

In particular, Australia plans to start full-scale work to promote ‘grassroots sports’ in local communities through this project.

Prime Minister Albanage explained, “Expert panels who have been active

in the field of community sports will plan this

‘Play Our Way’ program and make efforts to expand the facilities in the right place.”

The purpose is to execute the funds used to build facilities as efficiently and transparently

as possible according to the diagnosis and analysis of designated experts.

Women’s World Cup

“The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup has completely changed the game of women’s sports in our country,” said Prime Minister Albanage.

“This reform action is important in ensuring that the legacy of the World Cup lasts forever.”

“We want all Australian women to be supported so that they can find the facilities they need and have no problems choosing the sport they love.”

Australia, the host country, finished the tournament in 4th place, the best ever.

With the promotion of the national team, this tournament was a big hit in Australia.

The World Cup semi-final against England attracted an average of over 7 million viewers across Australia, the most since 2001.

According to Oztam, a local ratings research company, the number of real-time viewers of the game increased to 11.15 million.

Optus Sports, which is in charge of online broadcasting,

said that the Australia-England match was the fourth most watched game ever since the start of the service.

The match against Australia and France ranked third, and the match against Denmark ranked fifth.

First and second places were the matches of the European Football Championship (Euro 2020) held in 2021.

The scene was also a box office success.

All seats were sold out in all three matches Australia played at Stadium Australia.

The opening game against Ireland, the round of 16 against Denmark, the semi-final against England all attracted 75,784 people, the maximum number of spectators.

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