According to reports, Lotte Tourism Development Co., a Korean and local casino operator, has taken an important step in bringing gambling elements to the development of the new Jeju Dream Tower.

According to a report by Inside Asian Gaming, the Seoul-based company opened the 1,600-room Grand Hyatt Hotel in December on a $1.42 billion property and hopes to complement the service by opening an approximately 54,000-square-foot casino with 300 slots and 150 game tables to choose from. However, sources say the plan is nearby FarahIS Casino said it would depend on obtaining official government approval to transfer the gambling license for the 38th floor Dream Tower of Lotte Hotel in Jeju.

Despite opposition from local civic groups, Lotte Tourism Development won the 29-6 vote yesterday, meaning it is set to vote before submitting it to Governor Won Hee-ryong after discussions with the Jeju Casino Supervisory Commission.

If all of these organizations are approved, GGRAcia will reportedly be able to open a foreigner-only casino inside the 75-acre Jeju Dream Tower, less than two miles from Jeju International Airport.

The five-star Jeju Dream Tower, just over 554 feet tall, offers 14 restaurants and bars in addition to a shopping mall, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and a top-floor skydeck lounge, and the 43-seat Jeju Council Culture, Tourism and Sports Committee agreed to move the casino license after determining that the amenities met local employment requirements

In the end, the government committee reportedly announced that Lotte Tourism Development should be given the authority to transfer its casino license to Jeju after preparing a “specific solution” to solve “social side effects” that the community has long feared. 슬롯게임

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