Dowon Resolution’? ‘Iljangchunmong?’ Clippers’ one-two punch with Harden

According to NBA officials, Harden met with LA Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, according to local media “Yahoo Sports” reporter Vince Goodwill on the 28th (Korea Standard Time).

Harden’s future is the biggest concern of the offseason along with Damien Lillard of Portland. Harden chose opt-in after the end of last season, but immediately asked for a trade, disappointing fans of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Harden wanted to move to the Clippers, where Leonard and George play, but Philadelphia’s position is firm. Although he had discussions with the Clippers, he only confirmed the difference in position, and Philadelphia is also a team that has to bet when Joel Embiid is in his prime.

Through this process, the emotional trough deepened. “He’s a liar,” Harden said to Philadelphia President Darryl Mori. “I won’t be a member of his organization,” he said. The NBA Secretariat interpreted the remarks as “an intention not to perform the services required under the contract unless traded” and fined Harden $100,000.

Negotiations between Philadelphia and the Clippers have reportedly been suspended, but Harden still wants a transfer. I met Leonard and George, who could challenge for the championship if they played together. “Harden alternately talked to Leonard and George,” said Goodwill. They are all thinking the same thing,” he said.
Of course, even if Harden’s intention to transfer is strong, it is Philadelphia who holds the knife handle. Clutch Point also said, “We need to wait and see whether Harden will actually move the team.” “Harden’s meeting with Leonard and George may be one of the stories circulating in the offseason,” he reported.

The Clippers worked hard to recruit Leonard and George to challenge for the presidency, but failed to reach the Western Conference Finals due to injuries. Harden is also building a successful career, being selected as the regular league MVP (2017-2018 season), but he still has no experience of winning. Is their meeting a “resolution of the provincial government” or a “workplace spring dream”. 안전놀이터

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