Daejeon Hana Citizen has completed the “Hana Dream School” in 2023, which is operated by the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education to foster the sports spirit and promote a pleasant school life for school-aged students.

On the 12th, Daejeon held the last program of the “Hana Dream School” in 2023 for Daejeon Jeonmin Middle School students.

Daejeon Hana Citizen midfielder Jung Jin-woo and striker Yoo Sun-woo were present at the event. The program lasted about two hours and had time to communicate with students directly through basic skills training such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, and fan signings such as well as mini-games.

Kwon Joo-yeon, a teacher at Jeonmin Middle School who participated in the program, said, “As I was thinking about what kind of activities to do as a class event, I learned about the Hana Dream School soccer clinic event, which is conducted as an educational welfare project of the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education. The mere fact that they could learn basic soccer skills by meeting a soccer player in person made the students very excited and looked forward to the day. On the day of the event, the students were able to build pleasant memories under the kind and friendly guidance of Jung Jin-woo and Yoo Sun-woo. I thought it was good to promote this event as I saw the students happy by receiving the players’ autographs one by one and taking friendly commemorative photos. I would like to express my gratitude to Daejeon Hana Citizen for leaving unforgettable memories to the students.

In addition, as a follow-up program, students from participating schools will visit Daejeon World Cup Stadium in October to provide a variety of experience opportunities, including the Daejeon Hana Citizen Public Relations Center & 2002 World Cup Memorial Hall, player locker room and ground tour.

Hana Dream School, which has resumed for elementary and secondary schools in the region since 2021, after the lifting of COVID-19 distancing, visited a total of nine schools this year, starting with Daejeon Daeryong Elementary School, with about 200 students. Since 2021, it has met with about 1,000 students to provide opportunities to explore their dreams of soccer players and made continuous efforts to encourage healthy physical activity.

In addition, Daejeon is striving to expand the base of soccer in the region through customized regional activities targeting various classes such as children, women, elite soccer players, and sportsmen for all. “What Women Want,” a soccer clinic for female hobbyists, has been continuously implemented since 2022, and in June, a total of 120 people, 12 teams of local women’s futsal clubs, participated in the 2023 Hana Queens Cup. In addition, uniforms were provided to five women’s soccer teams in Daejeon, including Daeyang Elementary School, Cheondong Elementary School, Hanbat Girls’ Middle School, and Daedeok University. In July, through an agreement with the Daejeon Football Association, it held a “Daejeon Soccer People’s Day” brand day and held a home game event with everyday soccer lovers. In the future, it plans to hold a soccer tournament for everyday soccer lovers to create a venue for a soccer festival that harmonizes with soccer players in the jurisdiction.

Thanks to these various activities, Daejeon won the “K League 1 2nd Fan Friendly Award,” which is given to clubs that have conducted various fan-friendly marketing and regional activities at the Korea Professional Football Federation. After being promoted to the K League 1, Daejeon, which is bearing its fruits through more diverse fan-friendly activities, will make more active efforts to enhance its reputation as the best fan-friendly club.


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