Joao Felix, who was loaned to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid

believed that he was on good terms with his teammates despite having a goal celebration against his original team.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported on the 4th (Korean time)

Joao Felix is ​​confident that he maintains a good relationship with his former Atletico colleagues.” 카지노사이트

Felix led the team to a 1-0 victory by scoring the winning goal in the 28th minute of the first half of the home game against Atletico in the 15th round of the 2023/24 Spanish La Liga season held at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 4th.

Felix, who started as a left winger in the 4-3-3 system on this day

cut into the net with a calm right-footed chip shot that passed the goalkeeper’s key in the 28th minute of the first half in a mixed situation in front of the goal.

 Afterwards, neither team could score, and Felix’s first goal became the winning goal.

Thanks to Felix’s winning goal, Barcelona increased its points to 34 (10 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss) and placed 3rd in La Liga. Atlético

who played one less game, maintained 31 points (10 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses) and was in 4th place, just below Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the most talked about topic of the day was Felix’s ceremony. 

Generally, when soccer players score a goal against the team they played for in the past

they refrain from celebrating out of respect for their former team.

But Felix was different. As soon as he scored his goal

he climbed up on the billboard, spread his arms and stared out into the stands, enjoying the cheers of his home fans.

Felix even moved from Atletico to Barcelona on a one-year loan

so he held a spectacular ceremony even though he has to return to his original team, Atletico, next summer.

Felix’s ceremony left Atletico fans bewildered. In addition

he was fighting a war of nerves with his former teammates and acting as if he had completely left Atlético, which raised eyebrows.

According to Marca, during the match Felix got into a heated argument with Atletico defender Jose Jimenez. Felix fell down after competing with Jimenez

but Jimenez judged this to be ‘diving’, an act of intentionally falling to get a foul.

When Jimenez pointed out that it was a dive, Felix stood up and retorted, “You hit me.” Jimenez then said, “Do you want to fight or what?” and a tense situation unfolded.

It was Atletico captain Koke who calmed the situation. Koke approached Jimenez and told him not to get caught up in Felix’s provocation

saying, “Stop it. Felix is ​​inducing your second yellow card, so calm down.”

Even though he celebrated against his former team and even got into an argument with his teammates, Felix was confident.

I get on very well with my Atletico teammates,” he said in a post-match interview. “I have no reason to feel bad about them,” he said.

I love them very much, so I hope they do well, except when they play against us.” I answered.

Regarding the reason for the ceremony, he explained

It was a ceremony for myself and my teammates who welcomed me at Barcelona,” and “I am happy to have won a very important game.” According to the

Barcelona club media outlet ‘Barça Blaugrana’, Felix said: It appears that he wanted to blow off his anger through a ceremony against Atletico.

According to the media, Felix said, “Only people close to me know what I had to go through,” and “I held the ceremony to let go of what happened to my family and me.”

“People have been talking about me all week. I don’t focus on those things. I just do my job,” he said. “I just try to get better every day.

That ceremony came out of the blue. It happened last summer.

It’s an act of letting go of everything my family has gone through

I dedicate this goal to my family,” he said.

Felix’s ceremony was expected to some extent.

Felix, who played on loan at Chelsea in the Premier League for six months in the second half of last season

failed to make a complete transfer and returned to his original team Atletico, then chose to go on loan to Barcelona, ​​a rival team in La Liga.

After a bitter feud with Atlético, Felix eventually came to Barcelona in the shocking move of cutting more than 90% of his weekly wages.

His annual salary is known to be around 500 million won.

Was it because he wanted to escape at all costs? Before the Atletico match, Felix poured out remarks that were close to abusive language toward his original team.

 According to Spanish media, Felix said, “Of course I prefer Barcelona’s style.

Not only me, but all the players do,” and added, “Ask all the other players. Even if you ask the Atletico players, they say they want to spend more time attacking.

I will. If you don’t answer that way, it’s a lie,” he said, attacking Atlético.

However, we are responding strongly to Felix’s hostile remarks toward his original team.

According to Spain’s El Mundo, Atletico President Enrique Cerezo said just before the Barcelona match

I hope Felix doesn’t celebrate his goal. Kissing the Barcelona emblem means he feels Barcelona,” and added

Of course, it’s normal to be happy when you score a goal.

I won’t worry if they play well or celebrate a goal against us,” he advised.

However, despite President Cerezo’s advice, Felix crossed an irreversible river with Atletico by holding an extreme celebration against his original team.

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