Real Madrid legend Luka Modric is being heavily rumored to leave the club.

Modric joined Real Madrid in 2012 and has been with the club for 12 seasons. In total, he has won 23 trophies, including five UEFA Champions League titles. He also won the Ballon d’Or in 2018.

However, his decline this season has been rapid. Some have suggested that the 38-year-old has reached his limit. Out of eight games this season, Modric started only three.

Reports then emerged that Modric, frustrated by his benching, wanted a move away. Modric believes that being on the bench will affect his performance and feelings, which could have a negative impact on his final major tournament, Euro 2024. 

A number of teams, including Saudi Arabia and US Major League Soccer, have been linked with the player, with David Beckham recently spotted dining with the Inter Miami owner, adding fuel to the transfer rumors. There have also been reports that Lionel Messi wants to sign Modric. 

Local media have also reported that Modric has given notice to leave the club in January if the situation continues.

This is where Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti comes in. Real Madrid will play Osasuna on Sunday in the ninth round of the Spanish Primera Liga.

“Modric will not leave Real Madrid in January,” Ancelotti said in a press conference ahead of the game.

Ancelotti added: “Modric is still an important player for Real Madrid. We are 토토사이트 happy with him. I talk to him every day. His influence on the team is something that no other player has. He is a player who motivates his teammates.”

“Of course, Modric doesn’t like to be on the bench. We understand how this situation affects him.”

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