Lotte Giants finalize first- and second-team coaching staff positions.

The Lotte Giants finalized and announced all of their first- and second-team coaching staff positions during a farewell ceremony to conclude the season on Friday.

First of all, the team announced the hiring of Kim Tae-hyung, the “Winning Contractor” who advanced to the Korean Series for the seventh consecutive year, with a three-year contract totaling 2.4 billion won on March 20. With the appointment of Kim Tae-hyung, Lotte has completely revamped its coaching staff.

Kim filled the first-team slot with the coaching staff he worked with at Doosan. Coaches Kim Min-jae, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Joo-chan, Yoo Jae-shin, and Ko Young-min were called upon by Kim to don the Lotte uniform. Kim Min-jae will be the head coach, while Jeong Sang-ho will be the batting coach and Kim Joo-chan will be the hitting coach. Yoo Jae-shin will be the first-team outfield coach and Ko Young-min will be the operational first base coach.

He also brought in Kim Min-ho, a former OB teammate, to help with the defense, and Kim Kwang-soo, who assisted Kim Kyung-moon and Kim Sung-geun, 바카라사이트 among others. Kim Kwang-soo was brought in as a bench coach to help when Kim Tae-hyung faltered and when the coaching staff needed coordination.

The return of the “Lotte Men” is also a theme for the Lotte coaching staff this year

Coach Joo Hyung-kwang will be the main pitching coach for the first team. He returned after a four-year absence at the request of Kim Tae-hyung.

As the second-team coach, Lotte hired KBO Commissioner Kim Yong-hee, a former “Mr. All-Star” player. “He has the ability to communicate across generations, an autonomous baseball philosophy to foster strong competitiveness among players, and a wide range of administrative experience,” said Lotte. “In the past, he has served as a manager at Lotte, Samsung, and SK, as well as a commentator for SBS Sports and a technical and game management committee member at the KBO Secretariat.”

“In order to secure our future competitiveness, we will focus on establishing a ‘farm system’ to create a pipeline of internal team resources that can be continuously developed and supplied from a long-term perspective.”

In addition, the new Futures assistant hitting coach will be Sung-gon Lee. After graduating from Kyungpook National University and Yonsei University, Lee began his professional career with Doosan in 2014 and went on to play for Samsung and Hanwha before retiring after this season. The rest of the Futures coaching staff is made up of hitting coach Lee Byung-kyu, pitching coaches Lim Kyung-wan and Lee Jae-yul, battery coach Baek Yong-hwan, defense coach Moon Kyu-hyun, and first base coach Kim Pyeong-ho.

Last but not least, Im Hoon was added as an assistant hitting coach for the first team.

Lim wore the Lotte uniform as a compensation player for Lim Kyung-wan, who was released as a free agent in 2011, but was brought back as a compensation player when Jung Dae-hyun signed a free agent contract with Lotte. It was the first-ever return of a compensated player, and 12 years later, he was back in a Lotte uniform as a coach.

Since retiring from LG in 2018, 토토사이트 Lim has continued his coaching career, serving as a developmental team, first-team hitting assistant, and residual team hitting coach before joining Lotte this year.

This year, Lotte was rocked by conflicts, discord, and dissension between the players, coaching staff, and front office. Now, under Kim Tae-hyung’s leadership, Lotte needs to become a “one team” starting with the coaching staff to lead the team.

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