The Kiwoom Heroes of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) said goodbye to their “signature star” Lee Jung-hoo (25-San Francisco Giants) on social media.”Congratulations to Heroes’ hero Lee Jung-hoo on his move to San Francisco,” the organization said on Friday.”The time with Lee Jung-hoo was an honor for both the club and the fans,” the team wrote, “and we congratulate him on the bigger stage and the challenge in the new team.””We will always remember and support Lee Jung-hoo, who made us happy,” the statement concluded.Kiwoom sent the same farewell message in English.On the same day, the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB) officially announced that they had signed Lee Jung-hoo to a six-year contract with a total value of $113 million (approximately KRW 146.4 billion).

The team will hold an official press conference at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the morning of the 16th to announce the signing.Kiwoom sent Lee Jung-hoo away, but got a huge return. He will receive $18.85 million (approximately 24.4 billion won) in compensation.According to the Korean-American Player Contract Agreement, if a player enters the MLB through the posting system after his seventh season in the KBO, the signing club must pay a percentage of the compensation to the original club.If the player’s contract is $25 million or less, the MLB team pays 20% of the signing bonus to the original team, and if the contract is $50 million or less, the MLB team pays 17.5% of the difference between $5 million and $25 million to the original team.If the contract total exceeds $50 million, the 바카라사이트 MLB team must pay $9.37 million and 15% of the amount over $50 million to the original team.

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