Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, will create a modern pentathlon unemployment team (workplace athletic department).According to the Jeollabuk-do Sports Council on the 15th, Wanju-gun will create an unemployment team in the first half of next year after recruiting athletes and coaches as the budget for the modern pentathlon team has been finalized.The modern pentathlon team is expected to consist of seven people, including a coach and male and female athletes.

There is no unemployed modern pentathlon team in Jeonbuk, and national-level athletes, including those from Jeonbuk Sports Middle and High School, have been leaking out to other regions, leading to many voices calling for the creation of a team.Lee Moon-soon, president of the Jeonbuk Modern Pentathlon Federation, said, “If the team is created, excellent athletes from Jeonbuk will be able to work stably in their hometown.” “We will collaborate with the Jeonbuk Provincial Sports Association and Wanju County to contribute 무료슬롯게임 to the development of local sports.”

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