Governor Abbott said he was “open” to legalizing casinos in Texas if they went “professional” way. His top priority is the safety of the players. Abbott told Fort Worth Star Telegram:

“If it can be built in the same way as professional operations that provide people with some sort of entertainment, that’s something I can be open to. We need to make sure that people who don’t have money don’t use the money they need to pay their bills and gamble to create a system that loses it.

“Not only do we have to protect ourselves from it, but we also have to ensure that no operations are set up that could lead to any type of crime.” 바카라사이트

sports betting
Governor Abbott appears to be more favorable to sports betting than casinos. He describes it as “a form of entertainment.”

“I’m a sports fan, and I see people doing this. And it’s kind of entertainment for them, and it’s also related to sports leagues like fantasy football where people participate.

“Fantasy sports are already a big deal in Texas. I think there’s a way to create a system where this can happen.”

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