Ja Morant appeared to have brandished a gun in an Instagram Live video Saturday after being suspended eight games during the regular season for appearing in a video inside a Denver disco with a gun in his possession.

And Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said Sunday’s NBA countdown that next season could be a significant suspension for Morant:

“Ja Morant is faced with the very real possibility of a suspension, a long suspension, to start the next season after this last accident, when he had an apparent firearm in his possession. This is twice in two months. .. I have already felt today that Adam Silver will feel increasing pressure from other League teams who see him as much as it affects the Grizzlies, which affects them and their ability to market their players and teams. There was a sense, with the suspension of eight Games last season, that Silver showed some moderation in that decree with Morant, that he would make better decisions.”

The video in question was broadcast live on Saturday, and shows Morant in a car with friends and for a short second, as the camera approaches him, it looks like he’s holding a gun. After the camera was on social media, the Grizzlies suspended star guard. The League then announced the launch of an investigation into the situation.

This is the latest case involving Morant. Just two months ago, he was suspended from eight games by the Federation for posting a video of him holding a gun at the Colorado night club. Earlier, a Washington Post investigation article found that he was involved in two incidents that have occurred since last summer when he was accused of threatening the head of security at a Memphis shopping mall, and beating a 17-year-old boy in a basketball game at his home.

After a series of incidents and returning from suspension, Morant is responsible for his actions. Morant said, “Obviously, I made a mistake in the past that caused a lot of negative attention – not only to me, but my whole family, my team, my organization – and I’m absolutely sorry about that.” So my job now, as I said, is to become more responsible, smarter, and not to do anything else.”

However, just two months later, superstar Grizzlies was involved in a negative event, and not only that, but also a similar situation to what caused him to be suspended from the beginning. The league will certainly use his recent history to determine his suspension, and if it is a considerable time, it will certainly have an impact on the Grizzlies to start next season.

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