For example, having a child in public without supervision whenever a parent is tempted to leave the child in the car and run errands is one of the main problems facing considerable public response. In the most recent case in Alberta, a father left his 7-year-old son in the car while entering a nearby casino.

At that time, the temperature in Calgary rose to minus 24 degrees Celsius, but shortly after learning about it, a casino employee called the police and booked his father. People’s first thought was that whenever a parent leaves a child in a parked car, even a simple errand run by a parent can be a hot death trap for a child who is left unattended without receiving fresh air. But for the latest incident in front of a casino in Calgary, the temperature outside was below zero.

Mr. Son waited two hours in a parked car
The father, who left the child in the car, decided to spend time at the Pure Casino on Sunday evening, and was later found by police. In the late afternoon, the man, whose name was not released, publicly parked his vehicle in front of the casino venue with the intention of gambling.

For about two hours, he enjoyed various entertainment establishments offered on the spot while waiting for him in a car parked outside. It has been confirmed that the car was slowly cooled to the extent that the child was left in cold weather while the vehicle was parked and not heated.

After two hours, the abandoned child decided to go into the casino and find his father inside. Unfortunately, he could not find his location there because the man had left the building. Seeing the minor in the place, the casino clerk quickly spoke to the boy and knew it was looking for his father. 바카라사이트

Staff took the child to the casino’s office wearing warm mittens. They kept calling their father, who left the casino venue, while making sure the child was safe and warm. Meanwhile, they also called the police who arrived on time to anticipate their father’s return.

The father was charged with abandoning the child
When officers arrested the child and charged him with abandoning the child, he returned to look for the child. His son was taken by the Child Protection Service shortly thereafter, as the Alberta Children’s Service wants to make sure the child is cared for. Leaving a child in a car for even the shortest time across the U.S. is frowning, and regulations strictly prohibit it, especially when the car is turned off.

That’s not the case in Canada, and officers investigate every case and issue charges accordingly. The state of Quebec even specifies a minimum age of seven to leave children in their cars. Vehicles should be provided with adequate ventilation to prevent greenhouses on wheels or adequate heating in situations such as Calgary.

According to Article 218 of the Canadian Criminal Code, an individual who “illegally abandons or exposes a child” faces five years in prison. Gambling habits are also a factor to consider, because they should not interfere with daily activities and responsible parenting. The father left his son outside without supervision while gambling in casino locations, which is more complicated by weather conditions at this time of year.

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