Delta City appears likely to set up its own casino after the city council approved the project preliminarily on Monday. The planned C$70 million casino resort will create up to 700 new jobs and generate $2.5 million to $3 million in annual income, according to the British Columbia Lottery Company. But there are concerns that the business could have a negative impact on the city of Richmond and, above all, River Rock Casino

Monday’s decision did not approve the construction of casinos in Delta. The city council approved an application for a zoning of land for the complex. A zoning means the use of land, and a thumbs-up means that the package can be used to develop casino resorts with gatherings and entertainment spaces, restaurants and hotel sections. According to a proposal from Gateway Casino and Entertainment Limited, the complex will now be built as an 11-acre parcel on the Delta Town and Country Inn site, away from 60th Street in River Road and Radner.

This project is planning small and medium-sized casino resorts according to local standards. There will be a five-story hotel with up to 124 rooms and several bars and restaurants. The gambling venue will have 600 slots and 24 game tables, and there will also be a large parking lot for about 800 vehicles. This will create about 500 jobs in the construction sector, as well as up to 700 new jobs in Delta’s various sectors. 슬롯사이트

The British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC) estimates that the resort will contribute significantly to the local economy, filling the city’s coffers with around $3 million each year. However, the actual figures can vary considerably. Local media outlets remind casinos will be eligible for tax exemption, suggesting property taxes will remain the same for years to come. This means casinos can pay $157,000 a year in taxes over the next five years. And the city’s low income is just one of the many concerns expressed by the public over the past few months.

Are River Rock casinos and resorts dangerous?
The proposed casino in Delta is not welcomed by everyone, and one of the first concerns people raised was the redevelopment of the current Town and Country Inn, where the region’s only indoor tennis court is located. Of course, some people warn of the potential dangers of increased gambling addiction rates, which have become an issue in other regions and across the country. At several public meetings organized by city councils and enforcement agencies, people also expressed concerns about the expected increase in crime and the risk of money being laundered through casinos.

In addition to all of these issues, certain communities are openly opposed to the project. One of them is Semi-Among First Nation, located south of the Delta, near the town of White Rock, about 30 km from the casino’s proposed location. Stronger opposition has been demonstrated by the city of Richmond, an island city just 13 km from Delta across the Fraser River. Richmond is home to the state’s largest casino, River Rock Casino & Resort, which will remain the largest casino even if it builds facilities in Delta.

But at this week’s Delta Committee meeting, city officials referred to the report, which included Richmond’s letter. There, Delta’s neighbors make arguments against casino proposals, such as negative traffic impacts on Richmond roads and increased crime rates. In addition, officials in Richmond believe the new facility will lead to increased money laundering operations and organized crime. They’re not commenting on the fact that River Rock is actually where the huge money laundering scandal started. The only threat posed by the seemingly reasonable Delta gambling facility is the threat to Richmond’s income from the River Rock casino.

The casino project will enter a public hearing at Radner Community Center on May 1 at 6 p.m. after preliminary approval. A third reading will then be held in the city council, and if the project passes this level, permits from the BCLC and the Department of Transportation are required.

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