There’s a running race going on at the women’s national volleyball team’s training center.

The players are all smiles as they compete in a hip-hop competition.

After losing the Volleyball Nations League for the second year in a row, they’re back in action with the Asian Games just over a month away.

[Park Jung-ah/Women’s National Volleyball Team Captain: “I think it’s everyone’s goal to win a medal, and although (captaincy) is a heavy position, I’m doing my best because I have good support from my friends next to me.”]

The team will be without Kim Yeon-kyung, who has been a staple at every Olympic and Asian Games.

Since the 2006 Doha Games, Kim has led the team to three consecutive medals, including gold at the Incheon Asian Games.

Without her, the team is relying on captain Park Jung-ah and ace Kang So-hwi to fill Kim’s void.

[Kang So-hwi/Women’s National Volleyball Team: “I wonder how Yeon-kyung can play against such a strong opponent…(The role of ace) is a lot of pressure, but I think if we stick together as a team and be organized, we will get good results.”]

Head coach Cesar, who has faced controversy for blaming players for arriving late to training, also promised a change of scenery.

[César González/Women’s National Volleyball Team Head Coach: “We’re going to work hard until the end, with a grit that doesn’t give up until the ball hits the ground.”]

The team 먹튀검증 will get a real test for the Asian Games at the Asian Championships in Thailand later this month.

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