A player from the Korea Youth Baseball Federation (President Lee Sang-geun) is once again drawing attention as he is selected for the U18 national team. The main character is Chungam High School ace Park Gun-woo. He was selected as the representative for the 2023 Youth Baseball World Cup in Taiwan. According to Lee Jin-ha (Lotte Giants) last year, she is the second player in the Federation to wear the Taegeuk mark on her chest.

Park Geon-woo, who is active as an ace of Chungam High School after KIA Tigers’ Yoon Young-cheol this year, is the best inning-ears in high school. Although he’s a second-grader, he’s proud of the highest level of high school knowledge. He’s got a heavy fastball with a maximum speed of 200 miles an hour. The idle speed (rpm), which reminds us of Oh Seung-hwan’s flowering time, is excellent. He’s recognized as Cotyldon, who’s called a good player by combining a heavy stone fastball and a knife-like ball.

As a right-handed orthodox pitch, he has a tremendous pitch and his performance has few ups and downs. In the current 78. He took part in two qualifying games and showed overwhelming pitching with five hits and 11 strikeouts in nine innings. He just gave up a four-ball. He’s on his way to the championship goal by advancing Chungam High School to round 16.

Seongdong-gu Youth Baseball Team Coach Kim Hyeon-woo, who discovered and taught Park Gun-woo as a youth, said, “Since his childhood, Park Gun-woo has followed hard training in silence and was honest, unlike a young player. He was popular with his friends for his ever-thinking and leading behavior. “I’m so happy that I have the Taegeuk mark, which I said vaguely when I first played baseball.”

The Korea Youth Baseball Federation produced five professional baseball players last year. Lee Jin-ha (Lotte), Kwon Dong-hyuk (LG), Lee Ho-yeol (Kiwoom), Oh Sang-won (Kiwoom) and Lee Ho-seong (Samsung) grew up in the league and went to the professional stage. More players from the Federation are expected to be on the professional stage in the future. In addition to Park Kun-woo, Lim Jin-mook (Gyeonggi Sang High School), Sim Jae-hun (Yoo Shin High School), Park Jeong-woo (Cheonan Buk-il), Kim Seong-jae (Seonrin In High School), and Lee Jin-yong (Gangneung High School) are also active as key players on the team.

Chairman Lee Sang-geun of the Korea Youth Baseball Federation said, “It is important to produce professional baseball players, but it is also very meaningful to be selected for the youth baseball national team, which is the basis of professional baseball and student baseball.”

[Seoul Seongdong District Youth Baseball Team, Park Gun-woo (left) and manager Kim Hyun-woo.

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