The Chuncheon Tigers Wheelchair Basketball Team, which participated in the 2023 Korea Wheelchair Basketball League (KWBL), won the league’s first unified championship on Monday. According to Chuncheon City and the city’s Disabled Sports Association, the team won the KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League Championship Finals at Seongnam Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, with two consecutive victories to become the first unified champion. It is the first overall victory in the 2023 KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League with 17 wins in 17 games, including the regular season. Coach Cho has been leading the Chuncheon Tigers Wheelchair Basketball Team since its inception in 2019, and has developed the team into a fantastic team that utilizes a variety of strategies and tactics, combining the best of both able-bodied and wheelchair basketball. “Despite the physical demands of the many games during the season, I am grateful and congratulate the Chuncheon Tigers Wheelchair Basketball Team for their strong spirit and determination to win the overall 무료슬롯게임 championship and raise the profile of Chuncheon,” said Mayor Yuk Dong-han (owner).

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