Minister Lee, head coach of Jeonnam Dragons, made a determination to end his old relationship with Busan I’Park and focus on winning and losing as coach of Jeonnam.

Jeonnam, led by head coach Lee, is set to play the 38th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Busan I-Park match scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on the 12th at Gwangyang Football Stadium. South Jeolla Province, which has 50 points and is currently ranked seventh, needs a victory over Busan to revive its hopes of advancing to the playoffs.

Coach Lee told reporters before the game, “Today is the last game at home. We must win to enter the top five, which we first aimed for. That way, the final round becomes a meaningful game. That’s why it’s an important match. I will do my best to show good performance to the fans,” he said before the match.

“Busan is a team with a good squad. There are many fast players on offense and defense. I’ve prepared a lot about that. We can’t have two players out because of the send-. So there is some shortage of center backs. I prepared well for this weakness for two weeks,” he said, explaining his assessment of the opponent and the current team situation.

Jeollanam-do has had consecutive exit players in the past two games. This is his sixth exit this year alone. Lee said the players are well aware of the problem. Coach Lee said, “The players are well aware. At first, getting a warning too early can cause disruption from replacement. The players are well aware of that. There will be no problem,” he replied.

Lee is famous as a legend of Busan when he was active. But there is no old affection. Coach Lee said, “Busan is always a team in my heart,” but added, “I’m a Jeonnam coach. In the past three games, the game did not go as I wanted. This time, it is a game to produce a result. So today, I want to focus only on the victory and defeat of our Jeonnam,” he responded.

“If we face each other quickly, we may get bad results. There is hope at least if it is tied, he said. “I will play step by step as I prepared.” Busan may be in a hurry to seal the championship. If so, I think a better part will be formed for us,” he predicted.

Finally, coach Lee emphasized that defense is more important than anything else in this match against Busan. Coach Lee said, “There are many fast backups in Busan.” So it’s important how our players cover it, he said. “If we don’t lose a point, we can score. In addition, we have strengths at home. There are also many points,” he said, stressing that it is important not to lose the chance to win.


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