The NC Dinos returned home from their spring camp in Arizona on Friday. After arriving through Incheon International Airport, the NC Dinos traveled to Changwon on a team bus.

The veterans of the main squad tend to adjust their physical condition appropriately in spring camp. Camp MVPs are often selected by prospects or backups who are trying to get the manager’s stamp of approval. However, the Beast MVP of the NC Camp was Kwon Hee-dong (34). A veteran who signed a one-year free agent contract last year and re-signed this year. He batted 4-for-6 with two runs scored and one RBI in 13 at-bats.

When I joked to him at Incheon International Airport on Friday that the seniors should take it easy at the camp and the juniors should get the MVP award, he laughed and said, “Of course, I thought the juniors would get it, but I was very surprised.”

It seems that he was in good physical condition at the camp. “First of all, the best thing was that I didn’t get sick. I think it was the most successful thing that I finished the camp without any injuries,” said Kwon.

Last year, he was a late free agent signing and missed the first team spring training. I signed late at the end of February. Last year, he waited for his free agent contract by practicing alone at the athletic center and preparing for the season on his own without team training.

“It’s not like that,” Kwon said. I prepared the same way I always do, and the results were good, but I think the younger guys prepared harder and did a good job, and now, as a senior, I feel like they’re asking me to behave better and lead by example.”

Kwon Hee-dong will play a spot in the outfield this season and will also have a meaningful role in the batting order. “We are thinking more about a batting lineup that can increase our scoring power. We are planning a slightly different batting order from the practice game batting order, and Kwon Hee-dong is at the center of it,” said Kang.

“Last year, I think my impact improved because I had good hits and home runs in important situations,” said Kwon. “This season, I think it’s important for me to play a role, whether it’s in the middle or behind the plate, because we have three top-three hitters, so if I do a good job, if I do a good job as a link, I think (the team) will do well,” he said.

Park Min-woo, Son As-seob, and Park Gun-woo, all of whom have career batting averages in the triple digits, will be in the top to center of the lineup. Davidson and Kwon Hee-dong, a foreign hitter with a Triple-A home run title and experience in Nippon Professional Baseball, will be the mainstay of the batting order. If the top of the order gets on base, they will be called upon.

“They’re all good hitters with good on-base percentages, so I think it 카지노사이트 would be a plus for the team if I can hit and connect at key moments,” Kwon said.

Last year, NC made the playoffs, and this season they are considered a mid-tier power. With the return of Ryu Hyun-jin and Hanwha’s improved offense, the competition for the middle of the pack is expected to intensify.

When asked about Ryu’s return, Kwon Hee-dong said, “He pitched one or two starts in the big leagues and played two or three starts. I think he’s an (outstanding) mercenary. I think he’s a pedigreed mercenary.” Ryu’s big league career was much more colorful than Pedi’s. “Pedigree” refers to the fact that last year, Pedi led the KBO with 20 wins and 209 strikeouts.

Kwon Hee-dong, who joined the NC in 2013, has never faced Ryu before. “When I joined, it was the same year that (Ryu) Hyun-jin went to the United States,” he said. A right-handed hitter, Kwon is strong against left-handed pitching. Last year, he went 3-for-6 against left-handers.

“I think it depends on the pitch (of the left-handed pitcher),” Kwon said with a laugh, “but I would like to hit Hyun-jin’s ball once. He’s a pitcher who pitched well on the world stage, so I’d like to experience it.” He expressed his excitement for the matchup.


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