Most of Woori Bank’s players have an MBTI (personality type) of F (emotional).

Asan Woori Bank won 84-68 against Busan BNK Thumb in the Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League at Busan Sajik Gymnasium on Thursday. Woori Bank moved into sole possession of first place (8-1).

While the offense of Park Ji-hyun (23 points) and the defense of Park Hye-jin (10 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists) were outstanding, the hot hand of Choi Yi-sam (29, 182 cm) also played a role. Choi finished with 22 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals in 33 minutes and 10 seconds.

After the game, Choi said, “I’m glad we won, but we have a lot to reflect on. We didn’t play the way we practiced. Tight defense is our color, but I think we played too complacent. I think the score difference is due to the tough BNK schedule. I don’t think there is a team that can beat us easily this season.”

Choi Yi-sam completed Park Hye-jin’s triple-double with her 10th assist. “I knew the record, so I wanted to make it for her. As soon as I got the pass from her, I shot it. I’ve been playing with her for a long time, so her passes are easy for me to throw. It’s hard to get a triple-double, and I want to congratulate her because I think it’s really great that she’s coming back after such a tough comeback.”

Park Hye-jin, who was unable to join training due to injury during the offseason, stopped by Woori Bank’s practice gym to say hello as the offseason was nearing its end. On that day, Woori Bank’s practice gym became a sea of tears.

In response, Choi said, “A lot of our players are F on the MBTI. I could barely hold it together. They were just starting to cry, and I was worried that my sister’s heart would be weakened. I thought it would be a bit much if they all cried, but I still remember them all crying,” he smiled.


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