Institutional Shareholder Services is an independent agency that has provided advice to shareholders preparing to vote on the board of directors of Win Resorts. ISS Says Shareholders Should Vote For White Proxy Cards, Not Gold Cards. There was a lot of concern that the two people on the gold card were not helping the company and should not be voted on to re-nominate the board.

The ISS said Elaine Wynn did not do what he had to do in relation to leading the board in the proper direction, or even what Elaine Wynn had to do in relation to leading the board in the direction it promised. Wynn Resorts also said the ISS is happy to tell shareholders to vote for white cards, not gold cards. Elaine Wynn said voters need to choose gold cards to achieve the company’s “meaningful value creation.”

The company’s annual meeting is scheduled for April 24, and many analysts expect the issue of Mr. Wynn’s tenure to be resolved then.


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