11th home run in NC game: “Focus on weight training to increase batting speed”

Seungho Kang being interviewed

In professional baseball, the keystone combination (shortstop and second baseman), who is responsible for center line defense, is often placed as a table setter or in the lower batting order.

This is because the focus is on mobility and accurate hitting rather than slugging power because of the need for nimble defensive play. 메이저사이트

This is especially true for the LG Twins and Doosan Bears, who use Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium as their home.

Jamsil Stadium has the longest distance from the home plate to the outfield wall among the 10 teams’ home stadiums, making it difficult for the two teams’ shortstops and second basemen to hit many home runs.

This is also the reason why LG gave Oh Ji-hwan, a shortstop with slugging power, a six-year, 12.4 billion won multi-year contract as a gift in January last year.

Second basemen and shortstops with slugging power are like ‘treasures’ to the LG and Doosan teams.

Doosan’s starting second baseman Kang Seung-ho shines brightly this year.

He hit a large home run against NC starter Im Sang-hyun at first and second base with no outs in the bottom of the second inning of the 2024 professional baseball home game against the NC Dinos held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 18th.

When a fastball of 147 km/h flew high towards the body with the ball count of 2, he swung the bat and drew an arch as if he had been waiting.

The ball passed over the left wall of Jamsil Stadium and landed at the top of the stands.

It was a large home run that was immediately noticeable as soon as it was swung.

The hitting speed was 172.2 km per hour, and the distance was measured at 120 m.

Kang Seung-ho increased his home runs to 11 this season.

This is the first time that Kang Seung-ho, who debuted as a professional in 2013, has hit 11 home runs in a season, and the second time he has hit double-digit home runs following 2022 (10). 슬롯사이트

Considering that the KBO League has not yet finished the first half of the season, more than 20 home runs can be expected.

The only second baseman in the Doosan club to hit more than 20 home runs in a year was Choi Joo-hwan (current Kiwoom Heroes, 26 at the time) in 2018.

On this day, Kang Seung-ho played an active part with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 3 RBIs, and 1 run, including a home run, and Doosan defeated NC 6-2 and rose to second place.

Kang Seung-ho, whom we met after the game, said, “I’m not a home run hitter, so I don’t think I need to hit a home run when I bat. Recently, I’ve often played in games as a substitute, and I think I’ve been able to gain more strength by regaining my stamina.” I looked back.

He said, “I worked hard with weight training to increase my batting speed rather than long hits, and this process had a positive effect on hitting many home runs. I will continue to strive to achieve good results in the future.” 토토사이트 순위

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