Suwon FC earned a valuable victory with a theater goal to stay ahead of the bottom half of the table.

Suwon FC, led by head coach Kim Do-gyun, conceded an early goal to Kang Too-ji in the first half of their away match against Gangwon FC in the 27th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Gangneung Sports Complex on the 19th, but Lee Seung-woo’s equalizer and a theater goal by Yoon Beom-garam in the second half gave 텍사스홀덤 Suwon FC a 2-1 victory and three valuable points, improving their record to 7W5D15L and 26 points, widening the gap to 11th-placed Suwon Samsung (22 points) to four points and maintaining 10th place.

Suwon FC started the game on the front foot, dominating possession and attacking early on, but were repeatedly broken up by Kangwon’s tackling. In the ninth minute, Suwon FC conceded a free kick to Gangwon from long range, and Kim Dae-won’s sharp shot sailed just wide of the goal.

Suwon FC conceded the first goal of the game. In the 20th minute, during a corner kick, Kim Dae-won’s cross was met by Kang Too-ji, who jumped up and headed in the goal.

After scoring the first goal, the team attacked even harder. In the 39th minute, Kim Dae-won’s ball from the side to the center was met by Wellington’s foot, but he missed the goal.

Suwon FC revitalized their offense just before halftime. In the 42nd minute, Bautersson stole the ball from the Gangwon defense and fired a strong mid-range shot that was saved by goalkeeper Lee Kwang-yeon.

Trailing 0-1 at halftime, Suwon FC made a tactical change in the second half by introducing Oh In-Pyo and Yoon Beom-Garam, and immediately found the equalizer.

In the third minute of the second half, Kangwon’s pass to the back of the defense was intercepted by Bautersson and passed to Lee Seung-woo, who was penetrating the defense, and Lee shook the goal with a right-footed shot.

After conceding the equalizer, Kangwon pushed harder. In the 11th minute of the second half, a cross from the back was received by Wellington, who was running forward, and he fired a strong shot, but Labor made a super save to protect the goal.

Suwon FC then tried to increase their possession and create chances, but were unable to break through Gangwon’s defense.

Despite Kangwon’s relentless attacks, Suwon FC tried to take advantage of the gaps with counterattacks. In stoppage time, Oh In-pyo’s powerful shot was blocked by Yoo Kwang-hyun’s physical defense. From the ensuing corner kick, Suwon FC scored a dramatic goal.

With one minute left in regulation, Lee Young-jae took a corner kick from the right side of the field and Yoon Beom-garam accurately placed it in the corner of the goal for the winning goal.

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