‘I’m in,’ roars fall baseball madman Son Ah-seob, ‘Today we’re crazy’

‘I’m in’ In the eighth inning of the second semifinal game of the semifinals, NC’s Son As-seob batted first and second, and from the first pitch, he spun his bat vigorously with intent. His hard pull hit SSG first baseman Choi Joo-hwan’s glove and sailed sideways, and he roared to second base.

As Son celebrated his run-scoring hit, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung requested a video replay of the play.

The referee ruled the play fair, but if it was ruled a foul, NC’s Son As-seob, who had performed a spectacular ceremony that was too good to go back, approached SSG shortstop Park Sung-seong and asked if it was fair or foul, looking at the scoreboard. After three minutes of video review, the pitch was ruled fair, and Son gave a thumbs-up to the third base dugout.

“When you’re tired, you lose. But when you’re crazy, you win. Today, we’re crazy,” said regular season captain Son, who had prepared a pregame pep talk to boost the morale of the players on the field.

In fall baseball, Son is as crazy as he says he is. He gritted his teeth and ran home on a short hit to score a run, and roared into the dugout after hitting a celestial hit late in the game when SSG had to run away with the game.

In the eighth inning, NC’s batting lineup, which had cooled off after scoring two runs, started to heat up again when Kim Hyung-joon, the leadoff hitter, hit a solo shot. 바카라사이트 With Do Tae-hoon on base on a passed ball, Kim sacrificed himself to send Do to second base. With two outs, Son As-seob took advantage of a fastball and hit it over the first baseman’s mitt. As Do Tae-hoon crossed the plate, Son roared as he stepped on the second base line.

No pitcher could stop Son, who has become a self-described madman in fall baseball. Son pumped his fist in the air and roared. Upon requesting the SSG video replay, Son looked at the scoreboard, claiming that the pitch was a fair that was inside the line to shortstop Park Sung. When the call was upheld, Son gave a thumbs-up and celebrated once again.

Four hits, two doubles, two walks, three runs and one RBI. After dominating the second game of the semifinals, the madman celebrated the victory with his younger teammates.

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