The reason behind Jadon Sancho’s refusal to apologize to Van Gaal has finally been revealed.

“Manchester United coach Benny McCarthy has said that Jadon Sancho had his own reasons for refusing to apologize to Eric ten Haag,” reported on Tuesday (KST).

Sancho’s relationship with United soured after Van Gaal publicly criticized his training methods. Sancho was subsequently kicked out of the first-team squad and relegated to training with the academy players, a punishment many felt was harsh.

Sancho publicly claimed that the manager was using him as a scapegoat in favor of players who continued to underperform. The comments did not go down well with Ten Haag and he eventually left the club on loan in the January transfer window.

Sancho has returned to Borussia Dortmund, the club that gave him his best years. Sancho returned to Germany on loan to escape the hell that was United. Back in familiar surroundings, Sancho began to rediscover his form.

In an interview with ‘947 Joburg’, Benny McCarthy, a member of United’s coaching staff, explained why Sancho refused to apologize to Van Gaal. He said: “I spoke to the manager and Sancho told him that he felt that if he apologized, he would be labeled as someone who admits that everything that was said about him is true, that he doesn’t train hard, doesn’t work hard, etc. and that he doesn’t train well, that he is lazy, that he admits to all the things he is accused of. Sancho apologized and didn’t want to admit to all these rumors. But Tenhach said that all he wanted was an apology,” he revealed.

Apologizing to Sancho would have meant admitting to accusations that he didn’t think were accurate, which could have damaged his image and reputation. “I talked to him as a coach, as a mentor, as a friend,” McCarthy 토토 says. But Sancho didn’t get it. He said, ‘I’m not going to apologize because if I do, I’m apologizing for being lazy, for always being late, for not doing my best. This is why Sancho didn’t apologize,” he added.

While Sancho’s performances at Dortmund have shown glimpses of his former glory, his future is still unclear. Dortmund are keen to keep hold of him beyond the end of his loan spell, but the club’s funds are limited due to his high transfer fee.

On the other hand, if Van Gaal leaves the club, it could open the door for Sancho to rejoin the United squad with a new manager.


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