‘Park Jung-hwan’s 2nd Consecutive Loss vs. Seol Hyun-jun’s First Win’… Korea Kiwon Championships Final Clash

Park Jeong-hwan, 9th dan, and Seol Hyun-jun, 8th dan, will clash for the championship cup at the Korea Championships.

The Park Jung-hwan, ranked 2nd in the Korean Baduk rankings, and Seol Hyun-jun, ranked 6th, will compete in the 5th final of the 2nd 5-6 Joint Timing Korea Baduk Championships at the Korea Baduk TV Studio starting on the 13th.

Park Jung-hwan, a former world champion and the defending champion of this competition, and Seol Hyun-jun, who is trying to win his first all-around title, seem to be leaning towards Park Jung-hwan as the winner, but Seol Hyun-jun is in the driving seat recently. 카지노사이트

Seol Hyun-jun, who entered the top 10 for the first time in the February rankings, recently advanced to the finals of two consecutive competitions following the Crown Haitai Cup.

In particular, in the 5-6 joint timing held in a double-elimination format, he defeated 9-dan Kang Dong-yoon and Park Jeong-hwan in the semifinals to advance to the finals.

Park Jung-hwan, who lost to Seol Hyun-jun at the threshold of the finals, won the repechage match against Kang Dong-yoon and secured the remaining ticket to the finals.

Park Jung-hwan is ahead in overall record with 4 wins and 2 losses, but Seol Hyun-jun is ahead in recent condition.

However, Park Jeong-hwan, who is aiming for his second consecutive victory in the competition, said, “I think the Korea Championships suits me well,” and added,

“As the winner of the previous competition, I will challenge to win again.”

Seol Hyun-jun, who is attempting to win his first championship since joining the team in 2013,

expressed his determination, saying, “I will prepare hard to win as it was a difficult climb.”

The 5th final of the Korea Championships will be held on the 13th,

followed by the 2nd game on the 16th, the 3rd game on the 18th, the 4th game on the 26th, and the 5th game on March 6th.

Prize money for the winner of the 2nd 5-6 Joint Timing Korea Championships,

sponsored by Infobell Co., Ltd., is 50 million won, and the prize money for the runner-up is 20 million won.

The time limit is 90 minutes each with three 1-minute countdowns.

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