Blockdown to Kim Min-jae” Bundesliga’s top scorer, “Annoying Interview” became a hot topic…”No need for me to answer!”

Harry Kane, who made his starting debut, scored one goal and one assist. In addition, Kim Min-jae, who made his debut as a starter, also took the lead in scoring no runs. Especially, Kim Minjae He worked with Upamecano as a center back and completely blocked Niklas Fullkrug, the opponent’s leading striker and the top scorer with 16 goals last season.

Fullkrug’s game, which was blocked by Kim Min-jae, was twisted. He scored with a header in the 9th minute of the first half, but was declared offside as a result of VAR. Kim Min-jae was also warned in the 9th minute of the second half when he stopped Fullkrug. In the end, Fullkrug failed to score.

After the game, Fullkrug’s interview became a hot topic. The reason is that Fullkrug was “annoyed.”

He had an interview with Germany’s DAZN and was reportedly annoyed whenever he was asked. In particular, Fullkrug’s future in Verde Bremen is uncertain. The contract is signed until 2025, and he is receiving love calls from many teams for his good performance last season. Whether to renew or transfer is at a crossroads.

Bayern Munich was one of the teams that wanted Fullkrug. There are also reports that Bayern Munich is interested. But Bayern Munich’s choice was Kane. Maybe that’s why I was more annoyed.

There were several questions about the future of Fülkrug, and each time Fülkrug said, “I’m not interested in it. It’s not interesting to me at all. If you ask me that, I don’t have to answer it,” he turned around.

I also had an interview with Germany’s “SPORT1,” and when asked about the future, he replied, “It’s not interesting,” and ended the interview.

As for his performance, he was annoyed, saying, “It’s not me now.” 스포츠토토

Werder Bremen allowed four runs. Questions have been asked about the collapsed defense, and this answer is overwhelming. “It’s not my job to analyze,” he replied.

Germany’s media outlets said about such Fülkrug, “Fülkrug’s presence in Werder Bremen is great. Werder Bremen fans are worried about Fullkrug. Therefore, Fullkrug should explain the situation as soon as possible, and say the plan. This will help Fullkrug as well. That way, he will no longer have to put up with uninteresting questions,” he pointed out.

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