NC Son Ah-seop is attempting to become the first player in the KBO League to achieve 150 hits in 8 consecutive seasons and the 2nd player in history to achieve 200 bases in 11 consecutive seasons.

If Son Ah-seop adds 4 hits, he will become the first player to achieve the record of 150 hits for 8 consecutive seasons, surpassing former LG Park Yong-taek (150 hits for 7 consecutive seasons, 2012-2018).

Son Ah-seop, who debuted at Lotte in 2007, played an active part by hitting more than 150 hits in seven seasons

starting with 186 hits in the 2016 season and ending with 152 hits in the 2022 season. He has steadily accumulated hits every season from the 2010 season to the present 먹튀검증사이트

recording more than 100 hits in a total of 14 seasons. 

In the 2017 season, he also ranked first in hits that year with a career-high 193 hits. 

This season, he also showed off his rusty skills and ranked second with 146 hits

aiming to take first place with the most hits for his fourth personal season.

Son Ah-seop also stands out in his base record, which is advantageous to long hitters with relatively many home runs. Son Ah-seop

who is currently recording 195 bases in the season

adds 5 bases and becomes the second player in history to complete 200 bases in 11 consecutive seasons

tying for first place with former Lotte Lee Dae-ho (2005-2011, 2017-2020) for the most consecutive seasons. do.

As of the 6th, Son Ah-seop ranks 2nd in total hits in the KBO League with 2,375 total hits and 1st among active players.

He ranks 9th in total with 3,382 bases and 4th among active players.

Based on his efforts and consistency

hitting master Son Ah-seop is on the verge of setting a record of 150 hits for the first time in eight consecutive seasons and 200 bases for the second consecutive season in the KBO League for the second time in 11 consecutive seasons.

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