Canada has found a whole new Lotto millionaire after Tavistock couple Chad and Christa Breyer were lucky enough to win the Lotto Max. It was decided by the Ontario Lottery Game Company that the draw on March 16 would receive a significant prize of C$5,000,000 in their name.

Since Canadians love lottery-based games, millions of dollars are given to lottery games every year in the country. Mr. Bryer explained that after a week of winning the lottery in a cup holder in the car, the Bryer family joined the long list of Lotto millionaires.

After receiving a Lotto Max check worth 50 million Canadian dollars, Bryer said he was in his car all week long when he bought the lottery ticket for a draw on March 16. The 41-year-old father-of-two said both he and his wife couldn’t believe their luck when they saw the number of 50 million on the screen. The family plans to buy a new property and travel when it is safe.

Crown Corporation also notified on Saturday that it had no winning tickets for the Lotto 6/49 winnings of C$6.5 million. The absence of winners this week means that the next draw on March 31 will receive a larger prize of C$9 million. But there was a winner among the guaranteed $1 million prize money living somewhere in Ontario.

In addition, someone has received a Canadian $15 million Lotto Max win from Edmonton, which coincides with the number from Friday’s Lotto Max draw. Currently, the lucky lottery winner’s name is unknown, but they will take up to 52 weeks to receive their prize money. 슬롯머신

The British Columbia Lottery Company reminded on March 24 that the Lotto 6/49 guaranteed winner still hasn’t claimed the prize. The only thing we know about the winner is that he’s from Souk and hasn’t contacted the Crown Agency about winning a million Canadian dollars yet. However, it turns out that the winning lottery number is 14891179-01.

Noelville Winners
Previous major wins were recorded not long ago when the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation announced that the Noelville couple were winners of the 70 million Canadian dollar Lotto Max Jackpot. As an ongoing lottery player, Mark and Dorothy Ann Mayur were thrilled to see the draw as winners on February 26, 2021.

Lotto draw on March 13th, June 49th
Lotto 6/49 was also quite generous most recently, as Quebec residents won a Canadian $27 million prize thanks to the March 13 Lotto 6/49. The name of the winner has yet to be revealed, but Crown Corporation reminded the lucky player that they have plenty of time to claim a huge prize thanks to the 52-week deadline.

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