Trade union condemns some recent Lotto Quebec move

As recently pointed out by trade unions representing the allocation of employees, Lotto Quebec may have made some decisions regarding employees without having to. Quebec said it was unjustified to cut weekly salaries and their salaries respectively, given the current financial situation of Crown Companies.

The new changes were first unveiled last week and affected 470 individuals involved in trade unions representing civil servants in Quebec. They will have to experience changes during the day-to-day operations over the next half-year and they span various elements of daily work. The union said the Crown Company was trying to save money.

Affected by these changes, union members work across multiple segments of the Crown Company, including legal teams, IT, communications, sales and marketing, finance and real estate. Over the next six months, there will be some major changes in the way they work.

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One of the first changes to come is shorter working hours. Until last week, they had to work 35 hours a week. Now they’re going to have to work 28 hours a week and there’s going to be a drop in income. When they say everything and then do it, their salary slump will reach 20%. Individuals affected by these changes were notified just days before the six-month implementation.

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SPGQ Chairman Rein Ramare also noted that while Crown companies are looking at ways to save around CA$5 million, Quebec’s gaming and lottery leader is not financially challenged. He pointed out that Crown Corporation earned less in the past four months.

There’s also a savings in payments
However, this does not mean that there are financial difficulties for lottery leaders to explain why they implement these changes in the daily work of union members. The state has made it clear it relies on a C$1.37 billion allocation from Roto Quebec’s gaming revenue. Mr Lamare said the Crown Company wanted to ensure sustainable returns going forward. 온라인카지노

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Some union members have to work overtime because casino venues and gambling centers across Quebec have reopened and started welcoming customers after four months. There was a collective agreement overseen by the Crown Company. It aimed to see volunteers for casino operations every day.

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You may recall witnessing an unprecedented situation in which Crown Corporation laid off about 2,250 casino employees. Casino reopening is also underway. CASINO DURACK-REME’S OFFICIAL REopening is expected on July 23. Casino de Montreal is expected to reopen on August 3.

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