‘Genius’ Lee Kang-in (22, PSG) has been compared to Lionel Messi (37, Inter Miami) and Neymar (32, Al Hilal) in terms of his marketability.

“When Messi and Neymar left the club, it was thought that no one could replace their marketing market,” said PSG Talk, a website specializing in PSG news. But then Lee Kang-in came along and became the new marketing icon. He is enjoying tremendous success.”

Lee has been wowing PSG both on the field and in marketing. In the French Super Cup final, 토토사이트 Lee scored the winning goal against Toulouse in a 2-0 victory. He’s now a mainstay in the PSG lineup and has become indispensable.

The same goes for marketing.

Lee’s presence has made South Korea PSG’s most important market after France. The club has even gone so far as to have its players play in Korean jerseys.

“With Lee’s popularity, PSG will be able to target not only the Korean market, but the entire Asian market,” says PSG Talk. It is absolutely undeniable that Lee Kang-in is a hit.”

The most upsetting country is Japan. Prior to Lee’s arrival, Japan was PSG’s most important market in Asia. For the second year in a row, PSG toured Asia in Japan during the off-season. Japanese fans were willing to pay over 300,000 won for tickets to watch Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe train.

But everything changed when Lee joined PSG. The club hastily squeezed in an unscheduled tour of South Korea, heading to Busan as soon as the Japanese tour was over. Neymar, 사설 토토사이트 who hadn’t played a single game in Japan, played full time in Korea. This is why Japanese fans were furious with Neymar.

Today, Neymar has left PSG to join Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. However, the anger of Japanese fans towards PSG hasn”t subsided.

At the Asian Cup, Lee Kang-in has been in top form. After a spectacular multi-goal performance against Bahrain, Lee emerged as South Korea’s ace. As Lee has been on fire, PSG’s profile has been rising.

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