Bae Joon-ho’s Stoke City has been caught up in a ‘new logo controversy’.

On June 30 (KST), Stoke City released a post on social media saying, “The industry changes, but the DNA stays the same,” and a photo on June 1 that seemed to hint at a change. Fans have been speculating.

‘Stoke City fans are panicking over a potential new club logo,’ the UK’s The Sun reported that day. Stoke City’s hometown of Stoke-on-Trent is home to the British ceramics industry. The crest is perceived as reminiscent of ceramics, and fans are reacting.

Fans are saying things like, “This is the worst logo in the history of soccer. If I supported the club I would boycott it wholeheartedly,” and ”It’s really annoying that a few fans are changing the logo under the guise that it’s the opinion of the entire fanbase.

Stoke City’s current logo was introduced 23 years ago in 2001. The claim of a new logo was spread by sites specializing in jerseys and other soccer paraphernalia, and fans are outraged.

However, according to The Sun, “Stoke City will not be changing their logo completely. It is believed that the sentence revealed is likely to be an icon used on the latest kit, not a new logo.

Stoke City has become more familiar to fans in Korea thanks to the play of Bae Junho. Bae joined Stoke City from the Championship (2nd Division) last summer via the transfer market, and in his debut season, he was voted the club’s Player of the Year for the 2023-2024 season by the fans.

Bae led Stoke City’s attack with his trademark clever, agile movements. He also changed the style of play. He pressed hard, defended aggressively, and was willing to get physical.

Stoke City’s style of play is to defend first and attack later, and Bae was the link in the chain.

He was the initiator of counter-attacks after winning the ball himself, and when the situation called for it, he carried the ball himself to create Stoke City’s attacks. From his natural position of 토토 attacking midfielder to central midfielder, he was involved in virtually every area of the attack and was Stoke City’s sole source of offense.

Named Stoke City’s Player of the Month for the second consecutive month in February and March, Bae has made 38 appearances in the Championship this season, scoring two goals and providing five assists. Including free agency, he has two goals and six assists.

He has helped Stoke City stay in the Championship, and there is speculation that a move to the English Premier League (EPL) is just around the corner. Stoke City recently congratulated Bae on his first call-up to the national team, referencing his nickname, “The Korean King,” in a message that caught our attention.


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