As the home crowd came out in force, Kim’s clever bat shined again.

He consciously pushed the ball away from Baltimore starter Kramer, resulting in a clean hit.

A closer look from the catcher’s back angle shows that it was an exquisite batting move, sending the ball into the wide-open space between first and second base.

Boharz, the No. 4 hitter, came home on the play and scored his 67th run of the season.

Kim followed with a single to right field in the fourth inning, but it was blocked by the opposing second baseman.

Teammate Tatis Jr. made a spectacular steal of home to break the opposition’s spirit.

If you look closely, the third baseman was a good distance away from the third base line, and with the left-handed pitcher Perez out of the way, he sprinted home and made such a perfect run that the pitcher didn’t even have to throw the ball.

San Diego won their second straight game, keeping their fall baseball hopes alive.

Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels hit another cartoonish home run against Texas.

He scooped up a fastball so high that it knocked his helmet off his head, creating an arch that traveled 133 meters.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ batted ball ricocheted off the fence at Oracle Park.

A panicked, sliding outfielder chased the fleeing ball like a squirrel, 카지노사이트킴 but was unable to stop Railey’s ground home run.

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