SSG Landers, who chose to part ways with former coach Kim Won-hyung, appointed Lee Soong-yong, former KT Wiz training general manager, as the new head coach.

SSG announced on the 17th, “We have appointed Lee Soong-yong, former head of training at KT, as the 9th coach. 카지노사이트

We signed a two-year contract for a total of 900 million won, including a down payment of 300 million won and an annual salary of 300 million won.”

SSG suddenly dismissed former coach Kim Won-hyung on the 31st of last month.

Former coach Kim failed to advance to the postseason by placing 6th in 2021, his first season at the helm of SSG, but gave SSG a combined championship last year. 

They never lost their first place throughout the season and took first place in the regular season with ‘Wire to Wire’, and defeated Kiwoom Heroes with 4 wins and 2 losses in the Korean Series.

This year, SSG finished the regular season in 3rd place and advanced to the semi-playoffs

but suffered 3 consecutive losses to the NC Dinos and exited the fall baseball stage early.

Despite successfully advancing to the postseason for two consecutive years, SSG chose to part ways with former coach Kim. 

After last season, he renewed his contract with former manager Kim for three years and a total of 2.2 billion won, but he was fired after one year.

At the time of the dismissal of former coach Kim, SSG said,

The next coach will be appointed as someone who understands the direction of the club and can bring about a more active generational change.”

Rumors abounded after former coach Kim’s dismissal. Recently, it became widely known that SSG was interviewing LG Twins hitting coach Ho-Jun Lee. 

Rumors also circulated that former major leaguer Park Chan-ho and Choo Shin-soo, who currently plays for SSG, were considered for the role.

SSG, which was in the process of selecting a director while the Korean Series was in progress, chose Lee Soong-yong.

New coach Lee Soong-yong, who graduated from Kyung Hee University and joined the Pacific Dolphins as the first overall pick in the second round of the 1994 rookie draft

played for the Hyundai Unicorns and Heroes. Even though the club was sold and renamed, he continued to play for the same team.

Coach Lee experienced four Korean Series wins in 1998, 2000, 2003, and 2004 while playing for Hyundai. He also served as captain for five years.

Coach Lee, who played in 2,001 games over 18 seasons, retired in 2011 with a career batting average of 0.281, 162 home runs, and 857 RBIs.

Coach Lee, who worked as a commentator from 2012 to 2013, began his leadership career as a hitting coach for KT in 2014.

Coach Lee, who continued his leadership at KT until 2018, served as KT general manager from 2019 to 2021.

He became the sixth person in history to have served as both a manager and general manager

following KBO game operations committee member Park Jong-hoon, LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, current SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon

former KIA Tigers manager Jang Jeong-seok, and Hanwha Eagles general manager Son Hyuk.

Director Lee, who moved to KT’s position as general manager of training from 2022 to 2023, left KT at the end of October this year and took charge of SSG.

SSG said, “We carried out the process of appointing a new director with the goal of continuous development and innovation in the operating paradigm.

We selected a group of candidates who can actively implement communicative leadership and team remodeling,” and added, “Afterwards, we set evaluation criteria such as essential competencies and virtues for each field.

After an in-depth interview and discussion about the club’s direction and baseball values, we selected Coach Lee as the new head coach,” he explained.

“Coach Lee has extensive knowledge of the training system and KBO baseball trends based on years of coaching and front office experience, and has insight into season management

so we judged him to be the right person to reach the club’s goal within a short period of time.” The reason for his appointment was given.

He also said, “Based on open communication and mutual respect, we will be able to maximize the potential of each coach and player,” and added, “With player-centered thinking

we will be able to form a strong relationship of trust and lead a unified team.”

Coach Lee said through the club, “I am honored to be appointed as SSG coach and am sincerely grateful to the club for giving me the opportunity.

Above all, as I have been given the important task of improving performance and training, I take responsibility and work with the coaches

players, and front office to achieve good results every year. “I will solidify my resolve to become a strong team that can perform well,” he said.

He continued, “I am thrilled to be back in Incheon again. I will do my best to restructure the team and develop promising players so that we can meet the expectations of our fans.”

Director Lee will begin his official schedule with an inauguration ceremony in Songdo, Incheon on the 21st.

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