I have no intention of letting you go easily.

Eric Dier’s situation has changed again. Initially, it seemed likely that he would leave Tottenham in the upcoming winter transfer window in January. 

However, a variable arose when starting center back and defender Mickey van der Pen suffered an injury.

British media ‘Sports Mall’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “Tottenham will only let Dier go in the winter transfer market if he finds a replacement for him. So far, there is a high probability that Dier will remain at Tottenham. Currently, Tottenham is in a difficult situation.

The Pen is out due to injury and Christian Romero was suspended for a red card. There is a lack of center back defenders. 카지노사이트

Even in the game against Wolverhampton just before now, Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou started Dier as the starting center back,” he said.

Tottenham is going through a crisis in November. 

In particular, the 1-4 loss to Chelsea last July was decisive. 

It was the first loss in the Premier League this season and there were too many players left.

James Maddison and Van de Pen went down with injuries, while Destiny Udozi and Christian Romero were sent off. 

As a result, they lost 1-2 in the next game against Wolverhampton. Until now, Dier was a surplus resource at Tottenham. After just one season, our position has narrowed significantly. 

Dier is a center back defender who has played for Tottenham since 2014. Although he is from England, he grew up in Portugal’s Sporting Youth team and entered the Premier League. 

His main position at the beginning of his career was defensive midfielder. However, under manager Jose Mourinho, he changed his position to central defender at Tottenham and settled down successfully. 

He has been active steadily since the 2014-2015 season. Except for the 2018-2019 season, they all made their mark by playing more than 30 games per season. 

His last season was a career high. He gained the trust of coach Antonio Conte and became the center of Tottenham’s defense. 

He showed off his presence as a starting player in every game and was recognized for his skills by being selected for the England national team. 

Among domestic soccer fans, he is also famous as the closest player to Tottenham’s Son Heung-min. However, things changed last summer when Coach Postekoglou became the new head coach of Tottenham. 

Coach Postekoglou excluded Dyer from the team. The defensive center back line was formed with van der Pen and Christian Romero, newly recruited from the German Bundesliga.

The results were good too. Tottenham has gone undefeated in the Premier League for 10 games since the season opened. 8 wins, 2 draws. 

It was first in the Premier League. Dyer’s absence was not felt. During this period, Dier did not play in a single game, but Tottenham continued to win.

Dier’s transfer rumors arose. In fact, rumors of Dier’s transfer began even before the opening ceremony. Bayern Munich was active. 

Because the defensive line player base was shallow, Dyer was seen as a useful backup.

AS Roma, home to Jose Mourinho, who used Dier during his time at Tottenham, also paid attention. 

It seemed natural that Dier would leave in the winter transfer market. There was no need for Tottenham to protect Dier, who was a surplus resource.

However, due to the recent change in Tottenham’s situation, Dier was given the opportunity to expand his position again. 

Dier started as a starter in the previous game against Wolverhampton. 

First starting appearance this season. The team lost 1-2, but Dier’s performance itself was not bad. 

He is also likely to appear as a starter in the game against Aston Villa on the 26th.

If Tottenham sends Dier to Munich, the already shallow player base will become even thinner. 

In order to immediately extinguish the fire, I turned to protecting Dyer.

Munich is embarrassed. Just a few days ago, it seemed like the signing of Dier was close. 

Dyer also showed interest in going to Munich. 

British media ‘Football Insider’ reported on the 15th, “Dier is very interested in moving to Munich in the winter transfer window next January.

Tottenham is also planning to send Dier away. However, Tottenham plans to send Dier through a complete transfer rather than on loan. “He announced.

More than anything, it was important for Munich to give Kim Min-jae time to rest. If Dyer comes, Kim Min-jae will be able to take a breather. 

Kim Min-jae, who is currently playing full-time for 14 consecutive games in Munich, is under a great physical burden. 

The controversy over Kim Min-jae’s mistreatment is a major issue not only in Korea but also in Germany.

German media outlet ‘Sport 1’ raised the issue on the 15th, focusing on Kim Min-jae’s physical strength issue. 

Kim Min-jae’s physical consumption is too great. I don’t know how long he will be able to maintain his current performance,” he said.

Bayern Munich has only three players who can watch central defense. The player base in this position is very shallow.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae is Munich’s starting player. “He is the only central defender who plays consistently.

The problem is his stamina. It is the international season soon, but Kim Min-jae, who joined the Korean national team, has to play again.

There is no time to rest. Munich must take care of it,” he said. .

Minjae Kim has no time to rest this season. Minjae Kim is playing full-time in 14 consecutive games.

He played 959 of the 990 minutes played by Munich in the German Bundesliga. He played all four games in the UEFA Champions League without resting for a second. 

This season he played in 17 of the 18 official matches played by Munich. 16 of them were starters. 

Due to the defensive dependence on Kim Min-jae and Munich’s weak central defense player base, it is not possible to control playing time.

Another central defender, Matthijs de Ligt, is out after suffering an injury while playing for the Netherlands last summer. 

Central defender Dayot Upamecano, who is playing alongside Kim Min-jae, also missed quite a few games due to injury.

‘Sport 1’ said, “Kim Min-jae has played too much. When he first arrived in Munich, the first thing he said was ‘Hello’. Now, he seems to say ‘I’m fine’.

There are a lot of voices worried about Kim Min-jae to that extent.” informed.

Kim Min-jae’s forced march is leading to athletic performance. His physical decline has been clearly visible in recent games.

 He clearly showed signs of slowing down or struggling at the end of the game. 

In the previous Heidenheim game, he gave up a goal by making a passing mistake.

Although Munich won 4-2, the evaluation of Kim Min-jae after the game was poor. 

The old statistical media ‘Sofa Score’ gave Kim Min-jae 6.5 points. It had the lowest rating among Munich’s defenses. Another soccer statistics media outlet, ‘Foot Mob’, gave Kim Min-jae a rating of 7.0. Of all Munich starting players that day, it was the second lowest rating after Manuel Neuer and Jamal Musiala.

Considering his usual performance, his rating was clearly lower than before. 

Looking at Kim Min-jae’s recent playing time, it is surprising that his performance is not declining.

Kim Min-jae’s physical strength problem is not something that only lasts a day or two. It was also revealed in the match against Galatasaray in the UEFA Champions League group stage before the match against Heidenheim. In the 44th minute of the second half of the day, there was a scene that raised concerns among fans. After Munich successfully blocked Galatasaray’s attack, Kim Min-jae confirmed that the ball was moving away and then bent down to stretch, as if his muscles were lifting. It is common for players to stretch during a game, but considering Kim Min-jae’s recent situation, his physical condition did not seem to be very comfortable.

Starting with the Bundesliga match against Mönchengladbach on September 3, he could not rest for even a single minute. During his A-match period, he was called up to the national team and played wearing the Taegeuk symbol. From Kim Min-jae’s perspective, the schedule is so harsh that he has no choice but to lose strength. At the beginning of the season, Munich’s central defender was injured and the defensive burden exceeded his playing time. Matthias de Ligt and Upamecano have fallen alternately throughout this season. The only starting central defenders that coach Tuchel could use were the two players and Kim Min-jae.

Even in Munich, where there are many star players, Kim Min-jae is a key player. In particular, Coach Tuchel’s trust in Kim Min-jae is very great. Coach Tuchel said, “Kim Min-jae is big, fast and a very reliable defender. His career is truly unique. It shows that he has proven his ability over and over again. I am happy that Kim Min-jae has joined Munich. We have had several video calls. Kim Min-jae “He is a true man. He is ready to play right away.”

Even national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann has no intention of giving Kim Min-jae a break during the international break. In an official interview on the 15th, he went one step further, saying, “It would be more satisfying for a player to play in 5 A matches in a row rather than just training.”

Kim Min-jae was called up to the national team for the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup. He started in the game against Singapore on the 17th. Controversies over mistreatment continued to arise in Korea and Germany, but Coach Klinsmann did not pay any attention.

Coach Klinsmann said, “When a player is most tired is when he lands after a 12-hour flight.” Minjae Kim did light recovery training indoors on the first day after a long flight. After resting for about 30 minutes, the player will be ready for training the next day. I have recovered and am ready. (2nd qualifier) ​​Playing in 5 consecutive games is a good feeling as a player, but just training doesn’t make me feel good. As a player, the World Cup qualifiers are a game you want to play in and you don’t want to rest. Kim Min-jae will do the same. “I think the German media wrote articles like that because they also have to write articles,” he said.

If Dier ends up staying at Tottenham, there will be a setback in Munich’s defense reinforcement. This also means that the controversy over Kim Min-jae’s mistreatment will not end, at least for this season.

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