Hwang Ui-jo and Bae Jun-ho Start Side by Side in the League Cup… Everyone is Eliminated

Stoke City’s Bae Jun-ho has the highest rating in the team at ‘6.5’

Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City) and Bae Jun-ho (Stoke City) both started as starters in the League Cup,

but both teams failed to advance to the round of 16.

Norwich City lost 1-2 to Fulham in the League Cup third round away game held at Craven Cottage in London, England on the 28th (Korean time).

Hwang Ui-jo

On this day, Hwang Ui-jo, who started as the top striker in the 4-2-3-1 formation,

played for 77 minutes until he was replaced by Kenny McClain in the 32nd minute of the second half. 바카라사이트

Hwang Ui-jo did not record any special attack points on this day, and Footmob,

a website specializing in soccer statistics, gave Hwang Ui-jo a rating of 6.3 points.

He was the fifth player to start for Norwich City on this day.

Norwich City was dragged by giving up the first goal to Fulham’s Carlos Vinicius in the 12th minute of the first half,

was hit by a key goal from Alex Iwobi in the 27th minute of the second half.

Bae Jun-ho

Norwich City made up for Borja Saines’ goal three minutes later, but was unable to turn the game around.

Stoke City lost 0-2 to Bournemouth in the 3rd round away game of the League Cup at Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium on this day,

failing to advance to the round of 16.

Bae Jun-ho, who started this day, played as a left-wing striker in the second line of the 4-2-3-1 formation and was responsible for Stoke City’s attack for 70 minutes until he was replaced by Sead Haksabanovic in the 25th minute of the second half.

Although the team lost, Bae Jun-ho received the best evaluation in the team.

FootMob gave Bae Jun-ho a rating of 6.5 points, which was the highest score among the Stoke City players who played that day.

Stoke City quickly gave up two goals in a row in the second half and collapsed.

In the 6th minute of the second half, Bournemouth’s Dominic Solanche Mitchell scored the first goal, and Joe Rothwell scored.

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