The best setter in the game, Han (38-Korea Air), noticed that the OK Financial Group blockers were prepared for the fastballs of middle blocker Kim Gyu-min (32) but did not actively block Cho Jae-young (32).

Han then actively utilized Jo’s fast break and rarely gave the ball to Kim Gyu-min.

Han made the right choice.

Korean Air swept OK Financial Group 3-0 (25-20 26-24 25-15) in straight sets in the men’s home match of the Professional Volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday.

On the day, Cho made nine of his 10 attempts at fastballs.

He also converted one open attack, bringing his attack success rate to 90.91% (10 out of 11 attempts).

Including three blocked shots, Cho finished with a game-high 14 points.

Kim Gyu-min, on the other hand, had only two attack opportunities and managed to convert once. Instead, he had six blocked shots.

Kim also made an unstatistical contribution by acting as a “bait” for the OK Financial Group blockers, helping Korean Air’s wing attackers.

“When I saw the movement of the opponent’s blockers, they were conscious of Kim Gyu-min’s fast break, but they let Cho Jae-young go a little loose. I thought, ‘Oh, OK Financial Group is abandoning (Cho) Jae-young today,’ so I put the ball up to Jae-young often,” Han said with his signature joke.

“Kim Gyu-min did a great job as a decoy today,” he said, adding, “He doesn’t attack often, so maybe that’s why his blocking improved. In the next game, I’ll think about whether I should put the ball up less to take advantage of his blocking ability,” he laughed.

Kim Gyu-min also played a key role in the team’s victory, scoring back-to-back blocking points in the middle of the second set.

“If I was the bait and our side hitters were able to attack more easily, I’m satisfied,” Kim said, nodding at Han’s words. “I set a goal this season to play every set without missing a set,” she said, “and today I played every set, and the team won, so it feels good.

However, he soon added, “I also have the desire to hit. I shouted ‘give me’ to my brother several times today, but the ball didn’t come to me.”

Han said, “If you give the ball to Kim Gyu-bin when he asks for it, it’s either ‘caught (by the opponent’s blocking) or out’. I hope she focuses on blocking,” Han jokingly said.

Kim Gyu-min was frustrated but took a step back, saying, “Today, my brother’s judgment was right, and our team won.”

The two veterans, who may be feuding on the outside but are working together to win the title for the fourth consecutive season, helped Korean Air extend its winning streak to three games. 토토사이트

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