The Guangdong Freecs emphasized that despite the poor result, their desire to win is still there.

The team was swept by Guangdong in the second round of the Summer Split Regular Season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) at Jongno Roll Park in Seoul, South Korea, on Saturday afternoon with a set score of 0-2. Gwangdong fell to 11 losses (4 wins, -12) and suffered their seventh straight defeat. KT, on the other hand, recorded its 14th win (1 L, +24) and extended its winning streak to 13 games.

In an interview in the press room after the game, coach Kim Dae-ho ‘Seamac’ said, “When I was driving to the stadium, I had a specific picture of winning if I played well,” adding, “I felt like it wouldn’t be weird to win, but it was too bad we lost.”

When asked about their confidence and how they prepared for the game, Kim said, “We need to get better at the feeling of overpowering the opponent through strength,” adding, “We have a mindset of trying to see the fight deeply with more pride, even though the bottom was ruined. If we can translate that into concrete plays, we can improve.”

Guangdong will play three games in the remaining regular season. “We will prepare the same as today,” Kim said. “Our team has always had the same mindset, the same 토토 effort. In fact, we work so hard that we don’t think there is anything more to do.” “We are very sorry for the result,” he added.

“I will practice with the hope and faith that if I keep hitting it, it might break,” Kim said, “I will make up for what I lacked, what happened and why. We will make use of our strengths and increase our chances of winning so that we can fully prepare for the next game.”

“We had a big, favorable situation, but we didn’t act on it, and we were all shaken up. I think we didn’t play the way we should have, including me,” he said, adding, “I think we can win if we prepare and practice for the next game.”

“There is no player, manager, or coach who intentionally tries to lose,” Kim said, adding, “I know (the players) tried their best. It’s okay if they can’t do it, but I want them to feel some doubt, discomfort, or foreignness.” “I want them to be proactive, I want them to be competitive, I want them to be angry. The hardware is good, but they are too nice.”

“We are doing our best to become a team that can look forward to tomorrow,” Kim told the fans, adding, “Thank you for your support and interest.”

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