Baryu Ihwani Derse (ETH) won the men’s international title at the 2023 JTBC Seoul Marathon. Derse completed the full 42.195-kilometer marathon course from Sangam World Cup Park to Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul on Friday in 2:07:12, beating Mike Kipchum Voit (Kenya) by seven seconds in 2:07:19.In the men’s domestic race, Gun-Oh Kim (KEPCO) took first place for the second consecutive year in 2:21:19. His combined international ranking this year was eighth.

“I’m happy to win back-to-back titles. I’m disappointed in terms of my time,” said Kim. “Next year, I will do my best to break into the 2:09s and qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.” Choi Min-yong (Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province) finished second in the men’s race in 2:21:24, while Lim Ye-jin (Chungju City), who overcame thyroid cancer, took the top spot in the women’s race in 2:34:46.”I’m happy to win,” said Lim. It’s unfortunate that my speed dropped after 32 kilometers and I didn’t reach my goal,” she said, adding, “I hope to break into the 2:28s and qualify for the Paris Olympics next year through good winter training.” Kim Eun-mi (Yeosu City Hall) finished second in the 슬롯 women’s race in 2:41:47.

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