“I’m an organizer of a coup? I’m close to the director?”

Dortmund legend Marco Reus has spoken out about the coup.

“Marco Reus has criticized media reports that he was the mastermind behind the move against Terzić,” German outlet Sporx reported on Monday (Aug. 8).

Dortmund is currently in the worst form in the league. With seven wins, six draws, and three losses, they’ve dropped to fifth place and are a whopping 15 points behind first-place Leverkusen. And on December 21, reports surfaced that captain Reus had staged a coup.

This summer, coach Terzić, a friend of Reus’, showed his trust in the club by offering Hummels and Reus new contracts in exchange for the captaincy. Royce accepted the terms and started the season in good form. However, the tide was subtly turning in Dortmund’s downfall, who are currently on course for their worst first half of the season.

The relationship between the two was first demonstrated in the 13th minute of the Augsburg game when Reus shook Terzic’s hand without looking at him. After that, Terzizi didn’t even bring Royce off the bench against Mainz, even though he played poorly.

Royce, as well as his teammates Julian Brandt, Gregor Kovacs and Niklas Fulkruk, have been openly and sharply critical of the manager over tactics and playing time. However, the club’s hierarchy have stood by their coach.

According to German outlet Bild, Terzizi has already responded to the coup by leaving Reus on the bench against Mainz. Reus could be demoted to backup or even threatened with banishment to the stands.

However, Reuters dismissed reports of a coup as untrue. “There was no coup attempt. Neither I nor any of the other athletes. I didn’t understand the article. I was a little bit angry. I’ve been through a lot in my career and I’m not the type of person who gets affected by negative articles. But this article made me angry. It crossed the line and I didn’t want to let it go,” he said.

He continued, “The relationship between me and Terzić is very close and good. We often talk to each other openly. Not only in private, but also within the team. I’ve had those conversations with all my managers throughout my career.”

Marco Reus also commented on the scene against Augsburg that started the feud. He concluded: “It’s total bullshit. Of course I was disappointed when I left the pitch and I shouldn’t have shown my emotions in that way. It was not a good behavior and I have to control my emotions better in such moments.”

Royce’s job is now under threat, and to make matters worse, Sancho is set to return to Dortmund. When Sancho joins the team, he is expected to play in the center or wing positions that Reus currently plays. Reus is likely to drop further down the pecking order.


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