Choi Won-young, 20, of the LG Twins of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), is a favorite of manager Yoon Kyung-yup. The manager said he plans to let Choi gain experience in the first team and develop him into the starting center fielder behind Park Hae-min.

Drafted by LG in the sixth round of the second round (57th overall) of the 2022 rookie draft, Choi had been in developmental status for three years.

During an exhibition game in March, Yeom said of Choi, “He has a good baseball style. He plays with all his might. I want to give him a chance.” In May, he said that he plans to register Choi Won-young as an official player and call him up to the first team as a pinch-hitter, while Choi Seung-min will start in the second team and bat a lot.

Choi was called up to the first team as soon as he was registered as a full player, and on his first day with the first team, he had a memorable professional debut against Changwon NC, where he was given a chance to pinch-hit and got a hit. Choi came in to pinch-hit for Park Hae-min with the bases loaded in the eighth inning with a 9-1 lead, 바카라사이트 and after a wild pitch advanced the runner to second, Choi hit a single up the middle.


Yeom decided to keep pinch-hitter Choi Seung-min in the first team and utilize Choi Won-young in the first team as well, as their roles overlap.

“Since (Song) Chan-ui and other players can’t come up yet, I discussed with the coaches what part of the team would be more helpful to play,” Yeom said in Changwon on Feb. 2. “Since (Kim) Bum-seok is starting now, we can use the remaining players in the starting lineup as pinch-hitters. Hyun-soo, Chang-ki, Sung-ju, Austin, and others can be utilized as substitutes when they are not starting.”

Hong Chang-ki, who was left out of the starting lineup in the NC game on the 2nd, came in as a pinch-hitter with runners on first and third in the 10th inning of the extra innings and hit the winning run. Hong Chang-ki was not fully healthy due to a bruised big toe on his left foot after being hit by a KIA Nail’s pitch on Sept. 26, so he was a pinch-hitter.

“I hope guys like Choi Won-young will do well, and when they come and do well, the culture of the team will be very good, and it will give the second team some motivation,” said Yoon. “It’s so desperate, it’s baseball and everything, so I hope it goes well, and it’s really important that you don’t lose that heart for the rest of your life. If he can take his heart now to retirement, I think he can definitely succeed.”

He elaborated on how he plans to utilize Choi Won-young.

“We need a break for Hae-min, who is a big runner, and we don’t have anyone to play center defense. Won-young has a wide range of defense, so he can play center field. If we practice a lot of bunting and hitting here, Hae-min can take his place later.”

He also mentioned Doosan’s Jung Soo-bin. He said that Jeong Soo-bin also started out as a pinch-hitter, playing defense, and trying to bunt because of his quick feet.

“Jung Soo-bin is a typical case, and there are many people who started like that. (Shin) Min-jae, who is also a representative of our team, started like that. I think there is enough potential for Hae-min to become the next starter in the right field and center field of our team,” he said. “He is small in terms of hitting, but he has power, speed and quickness, so he will have power. Kim Do-young didn’t hit 10 home runs because he was big. Won Young-i is not a big guy, but he can hit enough home runs and I can see his ability as a hitter,” he said.

After a year or two of experience, he can be a good center fielder to replace Haemin.

The main focus is on Hae-min. Yesterday, when he was chasing the ball, he was fast. He caught it easily. If he follows her and learns defense, he will be even better than he is now. 사설 토토사이트 His shoulder is not bad, and he can grow. In a year or so, he will be able to play defense as well as Haemin.”

“To survive in the pros, you have to have something special. Whether it’s speed, power, contact, or defense. Won has two of them. He’s good at defense, he’s quick, and if he can get the bat going, he’s a leadoff hitter. He’s the closest. For the next four months, from this fall’s final camp to next year’s spring training, we’re just going to let the bats fly and he’ll take it to the next level,” he said.

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