China and Russia have begun joint exercises in the East China Sea, mobilizing more than a dozen warships and 30 military aircraft.

China’s Central Television (CCTV) reported today (Feb. 20) that the two militaries held the opening ceremony of the “Northern Union-2023” drill in the East Sea (referred to as the “Sea of Japan” by Chinese media).

Under the theme of “Safeguarding the Safety of Strategic Maritime Corridors,” the broadcaster reported that the two countries will conduct a variety of exercises, including perimeter sea and air escort, deterrence and repulsion, and anchorage defense.

Troops from both countries then assembled in the training waters around noon.

Various military aircraft, including transport planes and fighter jets, also entered the designated airfield.

The two countries are bringing more than 10 warships and 30 military aircraft to the drills.

China sent the guided-missile destroyers Qiqihair and Guiyang, the guided-missile corvettes Zhaozhuang and Lijiao, and the comprehensive supply ship Taihu with four helicopters.

Russia sent eight warships, including two 6,800-ton anti-submarine destroyers, the Admiral Tributs and the Admiral Panteleev, and the patrol ship Gremysh.

While China describes the drills as aimed at raising the level of strategic cooperation between the Sino-Russian militaries and maintaining peace and stability in the region, 카지노사이트넷 analysis suggests that they are being conducted in response to South Korean, U.S., and Japanese military exercises.

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